So was perusing through Youtube, then this video caught my eye because the song was a rocking 90s pop, Barbie Girl, and I love my dirty songs, and subsequently found this amazing group called Postmodern Jukebox, started by Scott Bradlee, who I think is the main composer for the group. He takes music from the current mainstream and blasts them into the past, which makes most of the songs so soothing and easy to listen to, especially with the artist that he had it cover.

PMJ invites different musicians and artists to use different instruments in the arrangements and I think some of these songs are fantastic, even better than the original. Maybe someone here would enjoy these type of music like I do. icon_biggrin.gif

Some of my favorites:

Careless Whispers - George Michael; cover by Robyn, I think the song was labeled to be by Wham! But I think George Michael was the only one that did the original song. This version is very upbeat Jazz version, really like it. The saxophonist is really good-looking icon_redface.gif

Creep - Radiohead; cover by Haley Reinhart

Drunk in Love - Beyonce; cover by Christina Gatti
Wasn't sure about this at first, but a second listen had me hooked!! Especially after listening to Beyonce's original icon_neutral.gif

And the song that got me listening to this channel, Barbie Girl - Aqua; cover by Morgan James. Would really like to touch and play with the Ken dressed in salmon shorts icon_redface.gif