How to stop saboutaging myself?

  • Jun 08, 2015 1:27 AM GMT
    Well, I was able to be accepted in one of the best law schools of my country, but since then everything went downhill. I've been sucking as student since day one, and lost many subjects and the course that would take 5 years if i did everything right, noe is going to take 6 and seriously risking to go to 7 for me to get my diploma.

    I really wanted to be a fitness person, I went to a nutrionist and was following the diet,hired a personal trainer and was following her exercise plan. My body was getting realy nice, but than i started with this shitty thinking of " i'll skip gym just today, gonna have big mac for lunch just today, gonna take just that ice cream" and than when i realized everything was screwed, i'm fatter than ever and it has like 3 months i dont hit the gym.

    I had a government payment I used to receive, like social care, because my mom was employed a high federal court when she passed away, i received more money per month than most people receive in a year here in brazil, but spended like it was for lifetime while it was just til i reached 21. I made savings, but today i've spended it all and am in severe debt.

    I also had the chance to have a good job right now, i don't know how it works in USA, but here in Brazil for us to get a job at the government we have to go through public selections, wich are based tests of a variety of subjects. If I dedicated myself a little more i would have get a good job by now, but i procrastinated the entire time.

    It feels like i could have been so much more and have wasted so many great opportunitties, and i'm only 22 and feel so miserable about wasted opportunities life gave to me. I could have a much better job, much more money and a much nicer body.

    I want to understand why i'm underperforming, i now i have potential, but it looks like i'm always looking for excuses to stay where i am and stay mediocre. I'm unhappy with this, i want to change...

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    Jun 08, 2015 2:41 AM GMT
    'Perseverance and diligent'. are the keywords. Sounds easy and simple, yet it's really difficult to take real actions.

    I believe it isn't bad to reward yourself once a while, perhaps like a bigmac every 4 months (ask your nutritionist for real professional opinion).

    Studying can be stressful and grueling, think about it if you bve the ability to study, if you really want this, if you really need it and why?
  • SilverRRCloud

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    Jun 08, 2015 6:14 PM GMT
    Agree with yourself that nothing ever comes easy in real life. No matter what people tell you, there are no real shortcuts in life, and every magic comes with a price. icon_biggrin.gif

    I do not know much about life in Brazil but I can imagine that what stops you from succeeding is the gnawing idea that someone is acing it because he has special talents, knows the right people, has the right genes, etc., and you have got to spend your time sweating it at the gym, at school, and pretty much everywhere else, too. To some extent, you may be right. Most people I have met have a special talent. Not in the sense that they are gifted writers, painters and musicians but more in the sense that they discovered their strengths, and have learned how to market them properly. Whatever it is that you have in you as your strength, skill, ability is needed to come afore, and help you overcome.

    Remember that if something comes in for free and without any real effort in your life is most likely not to be worth too much either. More likely, it will be actually counterproductive.

    Success is made of many steps. Always one step at a time. And always doing it right. Be 10% better than the others, and you have your success formula.

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    Jun 09, 2015 12:55 AM GMT
    Whether it's the career or the body, you've got to want it badly enough to do the work.
    I don't think you want either one, badly enough.
    I think that you're unhappy, and that you use too many fattening foods to make you happy.
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    Jun 09, 2015 1:34 AM GMT
    Invetedlotus123 saidHow to stop saboutaging myself?
    Step one: Learn a tiny bit of tech and figure out how to make your profile picture stand upright, instead of sideways.

    Yeah I know it's RJ's fault, but there's a work-around. Figure it out or I'll forever think you're a dumbass.