The statement

"If you care about the environment, we've got record funding." Gov. Rick Scott, June 2 in a speech

The ruling

...state officials under his watch have been banned from using terms such as "climate change," environmental fines have nose-dived, and Scott has boasted about reducing the number of days to get an environmental permit.

But despite that record, does Florida now have "record funding" for the environment? No, it doesn't.
"Record funding" for the environment has become a talking point for Scott. After we rated a similar claim False in 2014, he tweaked his message to talk specifically about "record funding" for springs. But on the national stage, surrounded by presidential contenders last month, he went back to talking about record funding generically for the environment.
Scott repeated a previously debunked claim in a national forum; his statement has long been proved incorrect.

We rate this claim Pants on Fire!