I repost a past message so that I can reach my goal.

My name is Aitor, I’m from northern Spain but I currently live in Barcelona. Right now, I’m making a DOCUMENTARY about the gay identity (such a generic topic), but more accurately, being gay in a rights-restrictive country (Rusia, African States...) or about the existence of a gay-community feeling or identity. It's as open as one wants. I want to give a chance to people to explain themselves. It's a small and a little bit experimental project, giving relevance to technology as a vehicle for the gay community to know each other inside it.

I would like to INTERVIEW gay people around the world, asking them: What’s for you being gay? Do you feel part of a group or a collective identity? Have you ever experienced any discrimination?...

The interviews will be just by SKYPE or GOOGLE-HANGOUT. If you would like to join, please write me to docu.interview.2015@gmail.com

Thanks for your collaboration!

Aitor G.