Gay Long Distance Relationships. (Tips & Advice)

  • richy702

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    Jun 17, 2015 3:03 PM GMT
    Hello everyone.
    I need some advice and tips about long distance relationships.

    Do they work if you are talking to the right person?
    Any tips to make the time go by faster till you can see each other ?
    Any advice about moving closer and what are realistic goals in the relationship?
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    Jun 17, 2015 4:46 PM GMT
    I had a successful 1500-mile LDR that became a partnership. An important issue is whether the 2 guys agree to be monogamous during the separation periods, and what the expectations are in that regard.

    Different arrangements are possible, but cheating that violates their mutual understandings should be avoided. If both men cannot trust each other then an LDR may not be for them.

    The time can go more quickly between visits by phoning regularly, of course, and using text and email. Sending photos also helps maintain the bond, as does use of services like Skype.
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    Jun 17, 2015 5:15 PM GMT
    richy702 said... Any advice about moving closer
    if this is a relatively new relationship; move because YOU want to, not for him.
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    Jun 17, 2015 7:53 PM GMT
    Eventually one has to move. Don't give it more than a year to work out. See each other as much as possible. Only go through with it if there's 100% honesty and good unique chemistry and you both think its worth pursuing
    Cost shits loads of money and tears
    Be realistic

    Portugal-USA california here
    Both have low incomes and made the best so far, moving together soon.we were both very realistic even on simple things like the first meeting being awkward etc...
    It's not easy, if you like him mostly for looks and you guys don't chat constantly because you both so want...I wount do it.only a very strong connection is worth trying
  • SilverRRCloud

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    Jun 17, 2015 8:54 PM GMT
    Like with any other human relationship, it boils down to the two guys involved.

    The longer the distance the stronger the bond has to be, if you want to stand a realistic chance of working it out.

    If you are both into monogamy, make sure that your expectations are realistic, too. A dude may want to rough it for a month. Maybe a bit longer. But expecting anyone to stay faithful for much longer is just not realistic. Travel, and spend some time together. Make sure that both of you get rewarded for your abstinence imposed by the distance.

    Last but not least, you need a serious plan. Saying, 'let's wait and see' is a dangerous proposal. Invariably, by staying in a committed LDR you are sacrificing some of your fun and enjoyment of life. Sex is just one of those things. Hence, you need to know that the clock is ticking in the right direction, and that after a while, you'll get to live a 'normal' life. No open ends there...

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    Jun 18, 2015 5:04 AM GMT
    A serious and thorough planning is needed.

    Mutual trust is vital, so be honest on everything from small stuff to serious ones.

    If both (or one of you) have the budget, it's better to see each other frequently. If it's impossible at this stage, phone calls or video cam conversations are good temporary substitutes.

    Text/message each other daily, tell to each others about your daily life.

    There's no problem with sending gifts to each other, it's not being materialistic; don't be stingy. =P

    Don't over fantasize the other person; the last thing you wanna see is how different your guy in person is than he is from the internet/messages.