Everyone on RealJock should download Snapchat!

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    Jun 19, 2015 7:50 PM GMT
    Does anybody on RealJock have a snapchat?

    Not looking for anyones snapchat user names or anything. Just here to say that sending nudes through snapchat is probably smartest thing I've ever done. Yes! I said nudes because I'm sure I'm not the only one that does it. For those that don't have one, you should consider getting one. Especially if you're trying to be discreet. This app has amazing features, here's why you should download it!

    1). You can set a Timer

    You can set how much time you want the receiver you are sending a snap to see the picture. Whether it's a second, or two, five seconds or more. Once that time expires that picture disappears without a trace.

    2). Double tap to Replay

    If that certain someone sends you something so good that you want to see it again. All you have to do is it that replay button and you get a better gaze at that special snap. However, the sender will be notified when you replay it to view again.

    3). You can take a Screenshot

    Say you receive something that you want to save to look at later. You can take a screen shot of it and save it to your photo gallery. However, again the sender will be notified.

    4). Provides a Video option

    You can send short little teasers, which can be fun if you know what I mean.

    5). Message

    Now with the update you can even send messages to whoever it is you're talking to. If you're into talking dirty to your "partner" this is a great tool And the best part? Just like the photos and videos. The convos disappear without a trace. For all you guys out there that are trying to be discreet this is perfect for you.

    6). The Filters

    Snapchat doesn't have many filters to choose from. Maybe like 3 but the ones that Snapchat provides are enough already. I can tell you, I use the same filter and it gives my body the definition it deserves. It ups the wow factor!

    7). The sender will be notified if the picture has been Opened

    I know that may sound creepy and maybe turn some of you off but think about it. Say you send something to somebody and you're wondering if the person received it already or if they've even opened it to view it. It tells you, you'll be notified. If you're that one person that anticipates a picture in return and you still don't receive anything, then that should tell you a lot already.

    This post may be random but I just thought I'd share with you the great parts about this app. I feel like this is the tool every couple should use. With this day in age, everyone is on their cell phones. This app is the bridge to all communication.

    NOTE: The app is best compatible with an iPhone. I've seen people try to use it with an Android and you don't have the luxury of using some of this apps amazing features.

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    Jun 19, 2015 9:01 PM GMT
    1. That's kinda stupid.
    2. WTF
    3. That's really stupid.
    4. There are better ways of sending "teasers."
    5. "New" update just to chat...on SnapCHAT? WTF now that's really stupid.
    6. I'm a veteran Photoshop user of about 10 years. Filters are for newbs.
    7. Again, stupid. Privacy = nonexistent.
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    Jun 20, 2015 6:31 AM GMT
    There's a snapchat thread already..
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    Jun 20, 2015 7:29 AM GMT
    I'd rather play Angry Birds.