Big Brother 17 (US) has first transgender houseguest

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    Jun 20, 2015 11:12 PM GMT

    QUOTE AUTHOR GOES HEREBig Brother announced that they’ll be welcoming their first ever transgender houseguest, Audrey Middleton, on the 17th season of the hit reality TV show, and Julie Chen is speaking out about it.
    During an emotional segment on The Talk Wednesday, the host of the reality competition said of the 25-year-old digital media consultant from Villa Rica, Georgia, “Audrey told us she is planning on telling everyone in the Big Brother house that she is transgender when she and all the other houseguests meet each other for the first time on the premiere night. I just want to say I hope you watch with compassion and an open mind, to learn something about a community you may not be familiar with,” Chen said, adding, that this is “Audrey’s story to tell, and I’m looking forward to hearing it.”
    We’re looking forward to it too!
    Middleton, who was born as Adam, is gearing up to use the show as a platform for spreading awareness about the transgender community. And while many are speculating that Middleton is most likely a nervous wreck due to the show’s history of racist and homophobic houseguests, sources say the 25-year-old digital consultant is “pumped” and can’t wait to be livestream recorded 24/7.

    Insiders tell TMZ that Audrey made her transition from male to female only a few years ago, and while her family had a hard time accepting it at first, they’s now fully supportive of the Georgia native.
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    Jun 21, 2015 7:16 PM GMT
    First off, fuck you TMZ, you bunch of person-shaming attention whores. Sorry, kind of unrelated and all, I just really hate TMZ.

    Anywho, as for the topic--huzzah, Big Brother gets another human being as a house guest. Hooray for diversity!
  • builtofbrick

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    Jun 22, 2015 8:13 AM GMT
    that show is still on?
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    Jun 23, 2015 4:47 AM GMT
    Someone is watching this?

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    Jun 24, 2015 4:29 AM GMT
    After last year and Frankie, Big Brother needs to atone.
  • KookyHombre

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    Jun 24, 2015 2:49 PM GMT
    Big Brother had a transgender post-op woman on it like 10 yeqrs ago in the UK and she won ...