“Rent a Crowd” Company Admits (Both Democrat & Republican) Politicians Are Using Their Service

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    Jun 24, 2015 4:06 PM GMT
    “Rent a Crowd” Company Admits Politicians Are Using Their Service

    I think that it is just something that people need to be aware of.

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    Jun 24, 2015 6:01 PM GMT
    I can't even handle a sitcom's canned laughter.

    It's not enough that sock puppets have invaded internet forums. What is this now, sock puppets' standing room only? Political finger puppets. This is bullshit.

    What's the difference between this manipulative crap and stuffing ballot boxes?


    ...The FCC has no formal rules on "subliminal" advertising.

    The FCC has no formal rules on the use of "subliminal perception" techniques. In fact, the Commission appears to have addressed the issue only twice. In 1974, the agency issued a policy statement that the use of "subliminal perception" is "contrary to the public interest." But policy statements are not enforceable rules. Nor would it be appropriate for the Commission to fine a person for failure to comply with a policy statement.

    Since 1974, there has been only one instance in which the Commission has received and acted on a "subliminal" message complaint....

    The FCC has no rules on what is, or is not, a "subliminal" message. Consequently, there is no basis for it to determine whether any advertisement contains a "subliminal" message.

    In the past 26 years, the FCC has acted upon only one complaint about "subliminal" techniques in television. It has never before considered such a complaint in the context of political advertising.

    In Australia and Britain, the use of subliminal advertising has been banned with severe consequences for those who disobey the strict laws. In the United States, not much is being done from a legal standpoint to curn the use of subliminal messages. The Federal Communications Commission, however, will now revoke a company's broadcast license if the use of "subliminal techniques" is proven. The following is from the FCC's Manual for Broadcasters:

    We sometimes receive complaints regarding the alleged use of subliminal techniques in radio and TV programming. Subliminal programming is designed to be perceived on a subconscious level only. Regardless of whether it is effective, the use of subliminal perception is inconsistent with a station's obligation to serve the public interest because the broadcast is intended to be deceptive. (Federal Communications Commission Record, 2001)

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    Jun 25, 2015 12:44 AM GMT

    I haven't heard something so funny since Apple used the same technique to hype its new product launch
    By paying homeless people to stand in line icon_lol.gif