Any fans of comic books with an obvious and inclusive LGBT element and other fun themes?

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    Jun 25, 2015 12:34 AM GMT

    Hey All!

    I'm the creator of an online series called MYTH.
    MYTH is an epic odyssey filled with supernatural elements, sci-fi, high fantasy, mythology, sexuality, erotica, action and adventure.

    I had to take a long hiatus due to my attention to other projects, but I'm currently get back into my creative saddle again and wanted to share my efforts here with all of you, in case there may be some interest.

    Click to checkout the website, and if interested, you can also contribute or share my efforts to getting the next book in print at the following

    Thanks for reading! icon_smile.gif
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    Jun 25, 2015 6:12 AM GMT
    sqwatz saidActually looking at the trailer again and now realizing the original poster's ethnicity, the elephant in the room is why is there no black on black sex attraction shown?

    The super hero character "Myth" is obviously suppose to be the OP. Is the OP a black man who is unable to form relationships with other black men, and he has projected his insecurities into a comic book?!icon_eek.gif


    It isn't a "superhero" book. ;)

    It's the third issue of an on-going series. There are plenty of every color involved with one another in various levels of intimacies.
    What you're seeing in the trailer is specific to the book itself. icon_smile.gif

    As for the latter part of your inquiry, the real question for you should be:
    if I were any other color than what you see, would your last few questions even be a curiosity for you?