So is this why my wired internet, pages load slowly or pages freeze the last few months? I have done everything including uninstall-reinstall flash player, delete history, cookies, run anti virus, anti spam. Even run on line speed test that says I am getting the speed I pay for, 12Mbps. Chrome works better than internet explorer, but the trouble seem to start when the FCC re established "high speed internet" as 25Mbps or above, which at my current speed, I am technically not broadband any more. ATT Uverse maybe throttling to give the 25Mbps users more speed, now im pissed. 12Mbps used to work just fine, now its very choppy icon_twisted.gif

I really notice my WiFi, on my cell has slowed or is spotty as well, even being near the ATT receiver. Also, my ATT WiFi signal will just die causing the TV to lose signal and I have to reset the set top box, quite often now.

Major internet providers, including AT&T, Time Warner and Verizon, are slowing data from popular websites to thousands of US businesses and residential customers in dozens of cities across the country, according to a study released on Monday.

The study, conducted by internet activists BattlefortheNet, looked at the results from 300,000 internet users and found significant degradations on the networks of the five largest internet service providers (ISPs), representing 75% of all wireline households across the US.

The findings come weeks after the Federal Communications Commission introduced new rules meant to protect “net neutrality” – the principle that all data is equal online – and keep ISPs from holding traffic speeds for ransom.