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    Jul 02, 2015 7:23 PM GMT
    The following message goes to all ' members' as well as '':

    I write this message with all earnest and to warn unsuspecting users as well. I have enjoyed using '' and being a member of this Site. It is however, with great regret that I announce that I will remove my 'Profile' in it's entirety in '24Hours'. The question is 'Why'? Well, there are a lot of Scammers as well as Solicitors on the site. Truth is ' SupportTeam' does not really care. This is a free for all Site, so any one can join, choose any City as a location and maybe even post a whole lot of authentic but 'Fake' photo's. A few complaints to The Support Team, or a bit of this-and-that, does not matter at all. The SupportTeam, does not investigate or attempt to remove Scammers or Solicitors, why? Well, any bad advertising is, good advertising. I will name and shame! these Scammers at the end of this report. There are guys who say, "I have read your Profile and, well I am madly in love," as if you can fall instantly in love from reading one's Profile. There are guys who send instant messaging details, i.e. Email addresses, contact numbers, etc. All of them have email addresses linked to GMail, most have email addresses with a number sequencing format, e.g. Some guys even come up with messages of, "I lost a lover from Lung Cancer", "Since I read your Profile, I know you are the one for me," all lies. They flatter you from the first message, making you feel real special, referring to you as "My Dear" or "My Darling". There are guys who pose as US Soldiers from Kabul-Afghanistan. After a lengthy research, accessing Pentagon Files and FBI Files, with kind permission. I have deduced that there are very little US Peacekeeping forces in Afghanistan or in Kabul. US Soldiers are not permitted to contact or send emails, or contact persons on the outside for Security reasons. Only evaluated Soldiers are sent to 'Hot Zones' and only Soldiers who qualify, are sent out as Peacekeeping Forces.
    So, where do I stand? I have become a target of hoaxes and solicitation, sorry to say. I once 'Hot Listed' every guy I thought was 'Hot', was fun, but it made me a Target, for Scammers out there. I have deleted my Profile before for fear of Hacking or Scamming, sad but true! I would like to take this opportunity to thank, everyone who 'Hot Listed' me or 'Buddy Listed' me, while I was on this Site. Thank you for all the messages and well, all the 'Unlocking' 'Private Photo's', was GREAT!! Every Guy, I 'Hot Listed' was real hot, capital 'H'. Why do I say, my Profile will be deleted in '24Hours' ? Because there are also dudes who, wait for a 'Forum', dudes who have time on their hands to poke fun and, well pass brainless comments. Well, with this I will close off. Thanks for the few comments I got on photo's, meant alot to me. Thanks to the 'RealJock-SupportTeam', for the help they offered at certain times. Thanks for the emails, in fact thanks for everything. A great Site, but a real, eye-opener. Maybe, I am at fault for looking for love in all the wrong places. My Profile is true and correct. How many Profile's on this Site are really 'True' ?
    Goodbye, and 'Happy Hunting'!!!

    The List of 'Scammers' by name of Profile:

    a) gymgaymtl
    b) davenportjacs
    c) ChrisHardy
    d) fredscott77 (operates under several aliases, using diffferent photo's. Located City - Texarkana, USA)
    e) CoreyDom
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    Jul 03, 2015 11:20 PM GMT
    even the fake here profiles have multiple soc account
    chances are he is still around here
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    Jul 03, 2015 11:31 PM GMT
    Please let us know when you find a site that isn't choke full of spammer and scammers. Like seriously. Evidently not everyone here is fake because I've met some fantastic guys in real life from this site and I wouldn't trade those experiences for the world. But good luck in finding the digital utopia you seek.