What does a county clerk do and how to become one?

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    Jul 06, 2015 8:25 PM GMT
    Since so much focus, in the gay marriage legalization, has been on many of these nation wide "clerks" who are refusing to issue marriage license on religious pretense, I thought I would see what their job entails and how more of us LGBT folks can become these clerks, many of these clerks have already resigned due to their deeply held beliefs. Without being discriminated against for being gay, I wonder how do we get one of these jobs, with the understanding that this is a civil service job (secular), not a job related to a church or religion? You can be religious in this job just as long as you separate your feelings from your secular duties. The pay is pretty low when you compare with something in high tech fields, such as STEM. But the power that clerks have makes up for the lack in pay, they must have huge ego's. icon_idea.gif

    What does a county clerk do?

    Marriage Comes to Hood County, Texas
    Today, the saga of Jim and Joe. Meanwhile, some rebellious counties still ignore the Supreme Court's recent ruling.

    How to become a Court Clerk

    The steps to becoming a court clerk will depend upon which state you live in since the training and educational requirements may vary. In most states, court clerks are required to have at least a high school diploma and a certification in this field or a two year college degree. Your education will also determine the type of court you can work in. Listed below are the steps of becoming a court clerk:

    • Get a High School Diploma

    The first step you need to take is complete your high school degree with a satisfactory CGPA. This is the minimum educational requirement for this field.

    • Get an Associate or Bachelor Degree

    Most individuals interested in becoming a court clerk opt for a two-year associate degree or a bachelor degree. College education can help the career opportunities as many courts are now seeking undergraduates. The recommended areas for study include criminal justice and business administration. The field of criminal justice will help students develop a sound understanding of the legal system in America.

    • Build Skills

    Writing skills and computer literacy skills are important for court clerk careers. Individuals can take short courses for computer training. Court clerks must have a sound understanding of the legal systems, legal vocabulary, and excellent writing skills.

    • Get Certified

    Certification is not mandatory for court clerks, but is extremely important for those who plan to advance in this field. In most states, certification programs are offered by the relevant board or association. Each state has its own association of court clerks. This association oversees the field of court clerks and offers training as well as certification programs. The eligibility requirements for certification will vary with location.

    Steps for Certification
    • To qualify for enrollment in a certification program, you must comply with the eligibility requirements. These may include minimum educational requirements. It is recommended that you check with your state’s association to find out what you need for enrollment in the program.
    • You must complete the entire program requirement that may include training hours as well as classroom learning.
    • Complete all necessary documentation and fill out the forms for certification.

    Types of Court Clerks

    Court clerks can be found working in local, federal, county, and state courts. Individuals usually start off as a court clerk at entry-level and gradually move their way up to more advanced job positions. Listed below are the main types of court clerks found working in the court system:

    • Deputy Clerk

    These clerks work at entry-level and are also known as assistant court clerks. Most individuals start off working as deputy court clerks.

    • Court Clerk

    Deputy clerks who have achieved further education and enough work experience can advance to court clerk positions. Court clerks have higher levels of responsibility as compared to deputy clerks.

    • Chief court clerk

    This is the highest level one can attain as a court clerk. Chief court clerks are responsible for the management of the clerk’s office and hold an executive level position.

    Court Clerk Careers

    Court clerks are required in almost every state, local, and county court. This profession gained prominence in recent years and is a crucial part of the administration of court systems. There are a few leading associations that are dedicated to overseeing this occupation, conducting research, and devising strategies for the betterment of the profession.

    • National Association for Court Management
    • Federal Court Clerks Association

    Job Duties

    The job duties of court clerks may vary. For example, court clerks working at county courts may perform simpler administrative tasks whereas court clerks in the federal court will be responsible for undertaking more advanced duties. However, general job duties include:

    • Prepare orders of the court
    • Record court orders and case dispositions
    • Manage administrative tasks such as filing documents, answering phone calls, and managing office supplies
    • Inform parties about court appearances and timings
    • Examine legal documents
    • Answer inquiries general public inquiries
    • Conduct legal research when necessary

    Salary Details

    According to O Net Online, court clerks made a median annual wage of $35,130 in 2013. The growth rate for this occupation is steady and is expected to increase in the coming few years. The government sector is the main source of employment as court clerks are in-demand in courts at local, state, and federal level. With a positive employment outlook, this career is suitable for those who want to work in the legal industry or court system at administrative level.

    Advancement Opportunities

    One of the major benefits of court clerk careers is that there are plenty of opportunities for advancement. Individuals can advance to state of federal court levels by acquiring the right work experience, training, and education.

    In the United States, the clerk often serves as the official keeper of the municipal records, and as such, is sometimes described as the "historian" of the community.[7] Sometimes the Clerk's Office is limited to just presenting the agenda and minutes for the legislative and committee meetings. Official meetings of municipalities can become a serious chore as the activity in the town increases from population increases. The task of assembling the agenda packets with supporting documents can take several days for a single meeting. It becomes more complicated due to the input and iterative modification by numerous departments and agencies both within and external to the organization. Software applications that can easily assemble agendas, minutes and even automatically transcribe the meetings are now becoming more common. Often, these agendas and meeting minutes are downloadable by interested citizens by accessing the organization's website.

    There are over 3,200 county clerks and county equivalent court clerks in the United States. County Clerks can help genealogists and family researchers locate various physical documents including marriage (licenses), divorce, arrest, public, jail, judicial, probate, criminal, and court records. [8]

    Clerks may also be responsible for issuing licenses,[9] overseeing local elections,[10] maintain financial records,[1] registrar of vital statistics,[11] and increasingly, for assuring the transpa
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    Jul 07, 2015 5:06 PM GMT
    working for lawyers or politicians has its bad. Unless you like being stabbed in the back repeatedly.
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    Jul 07, 2015 10:04 PM GMT
    all government jobs should have to be reapplied for every year. This problem would then go away.


    ..blah blah
    perform same sex marriages
    ..blah blah.

    are you willing to do all of the above or be fired (y/n)
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    Jul 09, 2015 1:33 PM GMT
    with a population of 333 million there will be a few odd apples.

    Let them self destruct.

    Nothing they can do.

    Marriage (and the legal benefits that come with it) is the law of the land.

    until Heb Bush gets into office
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    Jul 09, 2015 9:28 PM GMT
    A friend got some great advise when he was hired at Walmart: Simply do what they tell you to do. It might seem silly or against your better judgement, but it's their company and they are in charge. He has now moved passed his first year evaluation with an excellent review, been given 2 raises, lined up for a managerial position and works 40 hours each week. None of those things are the norm at Walmart. However, the guy is an honest and decent person/employee and is simply heeding his friend's advice. He's just doing his his job.

    If an employee doesn't do his job, he gets fired.

    A county clerk's position is no different.

    For that matter, the President of the United States position is no different.

    In any job, you are given parameters and exceptions. Like Nike says, just do it. icon_cool.gif

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    Jul 09, 2015 9:52 PM GMT
    Here in North Carolina the Clerk of Courts is an elected position.
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    Jul 09, 2015 11:52 PM GMT
    PRDGUY saidHere in North Carolina the Clerk of Courts is an elected position.

    That's not uncommon. The County Clerk in New York State is also elected. Elected, paid or volunteer: Everyone who serves must all set their standards to the same bar. icon_cool.gif