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    Jul 06, 2015 9:19 PM GMT
    Few months back, there was an exchange trip in my college. Few students arrived from another country to our class. One guy caught my eye on the first day (B) but I played it cool and didn't even think anything of it. B and I introduced ourselves including his mate. We Had a lot in common. Second day we all got closer, as he asked me to sit behind him and his friend because I was left seatless on a bus. Third day, he kept whispering my name and asking me random questions in class as he sat behind me. My girl mate sat with me so she mingled with him too. She told me he was hot and I don't think anyone knows I'm bi, so I just replied with 'well he is single so you should get with him' as a joke. Later he found me on facebook and started looking through my facebook, it's all private so he didn't scroll very far so he requested an add. I didn't accept as I never hardly do. Its just facebook. I had a laugh with other exchange students and he just gave me odd looks and didn't even care to join in. Later that day he asked for my number, he could hardly get his words out and took him few minutes to actually make any sense. I was bit weirded out because no guy ever asked me for my number, unless they were my bestfriends for a long time or managers. He texted me straight away and i texted back and then he didn't respond. Ok.. As a laugh at the end of the day I showed a pic to all the guys of Model Gigi Hadid and told them she is my type.. They all said yeah she is hot and he just said 'yeah she is alright' completely understandable, and all the guys showed me their types, of which all of them I thought were hot. He didn't even respond, he just looked down on his phone or table. But I didn't care.. I just thought he is shy or doesn't want to come across as a 'player'. Last day, we talked for a while casually, then in the evening we had a whole dinner event with the exchange students. This is really long so I will put in bullet points..
    •He asked me about my ex girlfriends and I said i had a crush on a girl from my class but nothing happened, and his respond was 'good' and i said why he didn't say anything.
    •i played football and his friend wanted to but he didn't because he doesn't like it and can't play it. So i took a break from it but when I wanted to play it he suddenly stood up and joined in. I thought he was probably bored.
    • another incident when i wanted to go a shop and i asked everyone if they wanted anything, he suddenly said 'can i come with you' i said 'yeah sure' my friend also said ' i will come with you', he responded with 'oh actually i'm not going' so I was like whatever and asked him if he wanted anything he just said told me that I should choose. All my friends looked at him weirdly when he suddenly cancelled. But I was just thinking he was shy and just wanted to ask me more questions about the country and language so he wanted to speak to me alone.
    •after all my mates left to go home and the dinner still continued, i sat all by myself with some of the hot girls in the exchange and he joined in and sat opposite me. Every time i said a joke he would look at me and smile, i felt really weird. The girls said to him that i was hot so he told me and i laughed. While eating he touched my hair and said that girls in his country will fall for me if I have my hair like that. Truly I thought this was weird, but my mind kept telling me that he is just having a laugh, nothing serious. So I ignored it.

    From that time i thought to myself that I will experiment. I will change tables and see if he follows. He did. I sat on a table with only one seat left, he pushed in right in the middle to face me. And kept looking at me nervously and kept smiling. So I changed seats again, he did too. I was hysterically laughing under my breath. I thought I had this guy hooked. Finally everyone was leaving home so i started walking off and he obviously followed, just me and him. I started thinking 'ok now he has that time alone with me, lets wait for what he will say' he didn't say anything he looked on the floor nervously, so I said something and he just answered with a joke. At the end i also noticed he isn't very touchy feely becAuse I went into for the man hug with every guy and he just hesitated.

    Of course everything hit me in the end and I started to analyse everything that has happened, trust me there was more but too long to explain and not quite significant, I think. So at night I sent him a text, with bye and he also took a random picture of me on the last day so I just mentioned that and said hope that the picture won't leak. He laughed and mentioned that he hoped that i would spend the very last day with them. I didn't say anything back. The day they all flew back I started talking with his friends and he suddenly texted me with hello. But his reponses were very slow compared to mine, only because I like texting quickly. We texted for few weeks, i even flirted but noticed that he didn't flirt a lot back. One day his responses were really blunt so I didn't respond at all. (Two can play that game). So I stopped and wanted to experiment again, i stopped texting him for a week, he texted me. I didn't respond to him straight away like I do with his friends but responded after few hours. He suddenly did the same. One time i got annoyed and didn't text him for 3 days but wanted to make sure he sees that I have seen his message. He sent me a random video after I hadn't text him. He was dancing and mimicking a song. I just replied with 'gay' as a joke, he replied with 'you must be really gay if you took the time to watch it' and i just laughed it off. Then few days later I sent him my video i made in a club dancing with my friends. He said 'i hope you are gay otherwise I feel sorry for you' i didn't respond for few days, not that I was annoyed just couldn't be bothered with his slow replies. Back at college i asked my mates if they chatted with any of the students and they all said his name, and as a laugh i wanted to see how he texts them. I was shocked, he was texting them straight away, enthioustically and grammatically really well.. So i thought he makes an effort with them but doesn't with me? What did I do wrong. I never came onto him, or I was never rude. What a weird guy. So i was really annoyed and took a day to reply to his texts he started doing the same thing. Can anyone tell me what I should do and actually coming up with why he is acting that way towards me? Am I being too dramatic and fantasising? I thought that because I flirted with him a little through text; like I do with everyone else, it could have put him off but when I re-read all our texts history, he was flirting with me more when I look back! What the hell. Sorry for long story but please help. RESIZED TEXT GOES HERE

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    Jul 06, 2015 9:54 PM GMT
    I gave up reading your post when you started playing games with your texts.....

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    Jul 06, 2015 10:12 PM GMT
    Wow.. why don't you just ask?
    Or tell him what you think.
    actual talk makes everything easier.
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    Jul 07, 2015 11:53 AM GMT
    What could you expect from RJ members ? It's obvious you played him, and he played you back, that's it ! You may just not be used to people smart enough to reciprocate icon_rolleyes.gif