Why, physically, are my orgasms so much better with my current boyfriend?

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    Jul 16, 2015 11:09 PM GMT
    So, my boyfriend and I give each other the best orgasms that we've ever had in our lives. For me, I scream so loudly when I cum with him because the sensation is just throbbing ecstasy that feels so good that it hurts. I read on an internet website eons ago that the body elicits a strong chemical response when men cum because without the chemical release, ejaculating would be extremely painful due to the muscle contractions. I had a couple previous relationships and just some hand job hookups in the past and nothing equates to this. We also both are heavy cummers and drench ourselves.

    Is the intense ejaculation and large amount of ejaculate all due to the fact that we are deeply in love and just fulfill each other in every way? Love and attraction are emotions though and not physical responses. So, love doesn't explain the intensity of the orgasms physically does it? Or is it really just because we both make each other so happy like in other aspects of our relationship that the intensity of our lovemaking is just as intense as everything else? I should add that we've basically mapped out the rest of our lives together and basically already consider each other husbands. If you believe in soul-mates, it is us. Call each other baby, babe, etc. Is it the pleasure endorphins of being with each other that lead to the great sex? I should add that we can't ever hang out with each other without both getting raging hard-ons so that should be part of it as well.

    It's just that I've never had such extreme pleasure and I was wondering if there is some type of scientific basis for it, as I mentioned. Before I could go 6-7 days without ejaculating and when I finally came, the orgasm was no where near as good as the ones that I have now with my boyfriend like after just 2-3 days of waiting and he has with me. I guess I shouldn't try to have it explained and just enjoy it right ha-ha? I should add he's not doing anything different sexually than my prior partners did.
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    Jul 17, 2015 2:58 AM GMT
    GayDude83 said
    I should add he's not doing anything different sexually than my prior partners did.

    Sexual excitement is based primarily on 2 factors: physical & psychological. Physical means that first you are healthy, not suffering any disease, no side effects from medication, and sober (unimpaired from alcohol & drugs). It also includes the physical simulation your sex partner is giving you. How he caresses you, holds you, kisses you, etc.

    Psychological means inside your mind, which is a major component in good sex, some people say the most important. In other words, how much does he turn you on?

    Some guys with good physical technique don't turn you on mentally. A guy who can do both is a keeper.

    You say this guy does no more to you physically than others have. Assuming that's a correct evaluation, I would therefore tend to conclude he turns you on mentally more than those others. It goes without saying that's a good thing, what we all seek.

    Regarding increasing cumming, that's also a function of physical & mental excitement, as well as the length of foreplay, and the time interval since the last ejaculation. The prostate and other associated sex glands are always producing seminal fluid. A greater volume when we're young.

    It's why we have an urge to jack off, to relieve the pressure of fluid build-up. Those glands begin to produce even more rapidly when we're sexually aroused. A longer period of foreplay results in more fluid build-up. If deeply sexually aroused those glands work even harder.

    So that when we finally shoot it can be a flood, what you say you've been experiencing. To me that's another indicator this guy is really turning you on.

    Now the down side. This kind of attraction for a guy can be short-lived, if it's only based on the sex. Over time, all sex becomes repetitive & old, it loses the novelty. Believe me, it will happen.

    For a relationship to remain you also have to find other things that attract you to each other for the long term. His personality, his laugh, his interests, his company when you aren't having sex. And he must like yours, too.

    But you're off to a good start, so build on it. I wish you the best! icon_biggrin.gif