Suggestions on what you would do in this situation with human resource and a possible job offer??

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    Jul 17, 2015 5:40 AM GMT
    So, I just moved to Georgia and I'm looking to be a teacher. I'm venting about a situation that happened.

    Today, I received 2 phone calls (12:30 p.m. and 12:40 p.m.) from the HR department in a school district, but I missed both phone calls and no voicemail for either one. I called back to find out who called since I applied for several positions at this district. However, with no contact information, the agent was unable to help (which I figured).

    About an hour later, I receive an email that is below. Now, this came back to me as a reply from a question to them originally about a job fair that I attended on July 8, but I sent this message on July 2. It was a question regarding if I would be qualified to attend the job fair (they had some rules with the job fair). So this response below is very vague and doesn't give any information on why they are trying to contact me. Also, the job fair is over so this response is now irrelevant and very late.

    Good afternoon, Mr. (My Last name):

    I am trying to reach you. We are closed on Fridays for the month of July. I would like to speak with you today before close of workday. Please inform of a convenient time to call. Thank you.

    Also, keep in mind still no name or contact information. The email address was "recruitment mailbox"

    So, I get excited (thinking it might be a potential interview). Why else would the HR department be contacting me?

    I respond to them with this email below.



    You can give me a call at 2:30 p.m. I apologize I didn't reach the phone before. Please feel free to give me a call. Thank you so much for the response.

    Thanks, Matt
    While this is going on, I was in the security line at the Atlanta airport (almost an hour wait). I was nervous that I wouldn't get out of security before this person would call again at 2:30 p.m. Fortunately, I got out at 2:27 p.m. and was prepared for the call. I waited 5 min after 2:30 p.m. and then continued on to the terminal to get on my flight. I received no call and no follow up email either.

    I had told my boyfriend that I would set up call forwarding to his phone, so if this person calls while I'm on the plane, he would receive it. Unfortunately, no call came. So, it's about 5 p.m. and I'm in Orlando. I assume that human resource is closed and this person will hopefully get back to me on Monday. However, I receive another phone call at 6:05 p.m. Unfortunately, I'm an idiot. I accidentally pushed the red button instead of the green button on the phone. I tried contacting back (to the same number that goes to HR) hoping that they are just closing the office and could track this person for me. Obviously, no one answered and there was no voicemail to plead my case.

    About 10 min later (6:15) I received the dreaded "job has been filled." I'm now thinking that this could have been a principal trying to contact me this whole time. So, I look up the job requisition number to see what school and job it was. Then I contacted the school to reach the principal, but I was too late.

    What really sucks is I met this principal at the job fair and I thought we had a great interview. I'm more upset with myself that I missed an opportunity, however it's weird that there was no contact information given.

    Now mind you, this is all just an assumption.

    1. This might or might not be a job interview.
    2. Who is trying to contact me?? The principal of the job req that is now closed? Someone from human resource?? Someone else?
    3. It might or might not have to do with the job that has been filled.

    I just don't get it. I didn't have any control because I couldn't contact this person whatsoever. I just want answers.

    Why would they say when would I like to be contacted, but they didn't contact at that time and there was no communication from them at all afterwards?

    What do they want from me? Why didn't they mention in the email to set up an interview or something?

    Why didn't they leave me some contact information especially if they wanted to contact me today?

    Now, I realize they are busy with the school year coming up. Also, I don't expect to get interviewed for the job that has been filled. I respect the choice (if this is about a job). I just want to give them feedback on this process because I was frustrated and it takes me a lot to get frustrated.

    Does this happen a lot with other jobs? I have never had this happen. I mean I get they don't want to give out too much information, but give me some communication especially now that I was one time limit (if it was about a job).

    I really want to send them an email telling them what I think. But in a nicer way of course!

    Sorry for the rant. Feel free to give advice especially if you work in human resource or had a similar experience.
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    Jul 17, 2015 6:08 AM GMT
    Seems typical for backwater 'edu' organizations; I've also attempted to apply at schools, libraries, etc. which similarly tried to prevent their inbound HR contact information from becoming public knowledge.

    From what you describe, and experience with this pattern, I would guess they were trying to inform you of the decision by phone, though they may have been trying to convey more information (possibly encouraging) on the same call.

    They don't care what you think of the process. If you want to continue the dialog, ask to speak with someone about how you could have been better prepared for such a position at an organization like theirs, and CC: your positive contact if possible. Another positive nontrivial conversation is whether/when/how to contact them to make sure you have a current application on file for any future openings.

    (I'm assuming you're not applying to teach English/writing. Be extra careful with usage, not just grammar, if you are.)

    Good luck with the job hunt!
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    Jul 17, 2015 3:11 PM GMT
    Thank you for the feedback. No, I am not applying to be an English teacher. Obviously it is not my strong skill.

    I completely understand on why they wouldn't give public information; however, I also think they should have gave me more time to respond knowing that they would have to contact me. Also, I think it was unprofessional of this person to ask for a convenient time, and then not call at that time nor give me a follow up email. I just thought that was very rude.

    I understand that they are not going to care what I think about their process, but I think I should stick up for myself in this situation. Also, I understand I am on their time, but I firmly believe that human resource (or whoever) should have that customer service outlook in a setting like this. I mean human resource has to understand that applicants have lives of their own and applicants are not just sitting around twiddling their thumbs waiting for a call back.

    I think I need to approach this situation in a respectful and positive way. It makes them look bad as a district.
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    Jul 17, 2015 7:17 PM GMT
    flaky HR departments seam to be the norm these days.
    I had my birthday taken away by mine when I place my own help wanted add, so desperate for help.
    I was told it wasn't my job and they had plenty of applications for the positions I needed filled...

    Try not to over-think it; keep at it, maybe look for an internship/ta they have: prn, float pool, substitutes?
    I know Austin needs hundreds daily.
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    Jul 18, 2015 10:20 AM GMT
    Does your union facilitate mentorships? You might be able to get a formal mentor that can help you by telling you about the structure of the school district organisation, how things are run, stuff like that. Especially if you're from Nebraska and this is Georgia. You shouldn't think of a mentor as someone who is going to get you a job at their specific workplace though.

    And one day you'll apply at an organisation that has a good hiring process. One day.
  • FRE0

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    Jul 18, 2015 6:32 PM GMT
    Obviously they are not well organized. Consider the problems you would face if you worked for such a poorly organized outfit.
  • KissTheSky

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    Jul 18, 2015 9:55 PM GMT
    It's pretty unprofessional for employers to repeatedly call you and leave no message, and email you without contact info.
    But I'm not surprised. You'll run into this kind of incompetence many times in the future... it's almost the norm for many HR departments.