Discovery Of Massless Weyl Fermion Particle Could Revolutionize Electronics

They found the fermions independently by firing photons at crystals of a semi-metal called tantalum arsenide, which has properties between an insulator and a conductor. They cannot exist by themselves as standalone particles, but instead exist as quasiparticles – a "disturbance" in a medium that behaves like a particle. “In other words, they are electronic activity that behaves as if they were particles in free space,”


"Particles are essentially divided into two groups. Fermions are said to be those that make up matter, while bosons are the force particles that hold them together. All other fermions are known to have mass, making the Weyl fermion unique among its “peers.”

And its unique properties could make it incredibly useful for electronics in the future, including the development of quantum computing, Hasan told IFLScience. For one thing, they can move independently of one another, and they can also create massless electrons. The consequence is they could flow more easily and lose less heat, making electrons more efficient."