I am happy . . .

It started when Uranus-Pluto and Jupiter were in T-Square 2013. I could feel in my bone that a big shift was happening. I kept telling my American friends that how optimistic I was about a reconciliation between Iran and the U.S. and now I feel so happy that I was predicting it right.

All these years, I have been investing in my vision and aspiration that someday I can facilitate connections between good people in America and Iran. I hope to make links between psychological societies in Iran and the U.S, as well as cutting edge people in the Bay Area who are carrying the cradle of evolution of consciousness in the integral age with interested people in Iran.

For the last couple of years I promised to my friends in America that someday I would host them in the beautiful Iran.
Although a big shift happened, still there is a long way to go. However, I am pretty much sure that soon enough, my friends and folk in the U.S, especially my Jew buddies will gather together here in Iran.

At that time we will spread peace in the middle east by our enactment in the evolution of consciousness
So be it!

Masoud Aref Nazari

(Cosmos & Psyche by Rick Tarnas can be an introduction to this subject.)