Equality under law

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    Jul 21, 2015 6:40 PM GMT
    This guy called Matthew in RJ keeps saying he doesn't feel right to be black. I suggest we ignore him because he is propagating this negativity.

    With recent events of the Confederate Flag this year etc we will never achieve equality because of the belief white people are superior than black people. NO. We are all equal. All human beings are equal. Not under God. Not under any supreme deity or whatever. We are equal because we are sentient. We are equal under the law because we have rights derived from ethics and morality. Everyone should have an equal chance in life. Should have.

    We will not promote this hatred. Matthew can say what he wants but the belief that he hates being black just makes us pity him. This is not even humble!!


    Here is what I think and this is radical. Black Americans are probably religious. To succeed, we need to get rid of religion. The less religious we all are, the better we are for it. There is this argument that White Christians used the Bible so they could allow slavery. Dismantle Christianity to its core. What verses would you use to justify slavery??

    Here are some solutions...

    THE DAILY BEAST . COM1. The War on Drugs must be eliminated. It creates a black market economy that tempts underserved black men from finishing school or seeking legal employment and imprisons them for long periods, removing them from their children and all but assuring them of lowly existences afterward.

    2. We have known for decades how to teach poor black children to read: phonics-based approaches called Direct Instruction, solidly proven to work in the ’60s by Siegfried Engelmann’s Project Follow Through study. School districts claiming that poor black children be taught to read via the whole-word method, or a combination of this and phonics, should be considered perpetrators of a kind of child abuse. Children with shaky reading skills are incapable of engaging any other school subject meaningfully, with predictable life results.

    3. Long-Acting Reproductive Contraceptives should be given free to poor black women (and other poor ones too). It is well known that people who finish high school, hold a job, and do not have children until they are 21 and have a steady partner are almost never poor. We must make it so that more poor black women have the opportunity to follow that path. The data is in: Studies in St. Louis and Colorado have shown that these devices sharply reduce unplanned pregnancies. Also, to reject this approach as “sterilizing” these women flies in the face of the fact that the women themselves rate these devices quite favorably.

    4. We must revise the notion that attending a four-year college is the mark of being a legitimate American, and return to truly valuing working-class jobs. Attending four years of college is a tough, expensive, and even unappealing proposition for many poor people (as well as middle-class and rich ones). Yet poor people can, with up to two years’ training at a vocational institution, make solid livings as electricians, plumbers, hospital technicians, cable television installers, and many other jobs. Across America, we must instill a sense that vocational school—not “college” in the traditional sense—is a valued option for people who want to get beyond what they grew up in.
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