QUOTE AUTHOR GOES HERE"Grindr, chillouts and chemsex are going mainstream – documentaries are being made and health experts are issuing warnings. Here, a stark beam of scrutiny and opinion is being shone down on the city, to search for ‘explanations’ and ‘solutions’."
There are some legitimate concerns. Andy, a 34 year old primary school teacher and father of two ended his marriage after realising he was gay. Shortly after coming out, he acquired HIV. Previously teetotal, it was after his diagnosis that he first started taking drugs to have sex. “I felt disgusting and it helped me escape that – I wanted to be out of my head. It defined the way I had sex. Soon I couldn’t have sex sober.” Andy says he in turn became unkind and disrespectful to those he had sex with. “I didn’t even feel real desire for them, I just wanted to use people and be used.” Andy’s is an extreme example – eventually he needed to call his dealer to supply more drugs to him at his school after being at sex parties all night. Eventually, he was hospitalised after a psychotic episode and, since that, lives free of all drugs.