Well, almost free. He hadda sell raffle tickets for a bike ride yesterday (Sat).

So he just woke me up without warning. I fell asleep at this computer, I'm so tired. And I jumped up and followed him into the kitchen.

"Where do we hafta go tonight?"

"Nowhere. I just didn't want you sleeping in the office chair." Ohhh...

First free day in weeks. Why couldn't you let me freaking sleep, wherever I was? Let sleeping dogs lie, yes?

It was his birthday on Wednesday. He's the oldest guy on this site. Yeah, he has an RJ account, but never uses it. We had a number of parties already, and some are coming next week.

And we've been hosting an RJ out-of-state guy and his friends, had lunch with them twice. They go back home next week. Nice to meet guys from this site, and let them meet us.

We love helping guys coming to South Florida for the first time. Whether you meet us in person or not.