Delhi’s First LGBTQ FLash Mob

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    Jul 27, 2015 6:42 AM GMT
    Delhi’s First LGBTQ FLash Mob

    "As the first-of-its-kinds Delhi LGBTQ Flash mob concluded to an impromptu party, we decided to have the final word of the crowd. “Honestly, it never really occurred to me that an LGBTQ community exists in Delhi. But here I am, totally shocked and stunned, and sort of embarrassed at my own unawareness. I am going to carry this handout home and read everything that it says,” said Neetu Lamba, who primarily came to Raahgiri with her 2 daughters."
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    Jul 27, 2015 5:29 PM GMT
    And no one was robbed, shot, or assaulted! Cool - this is the kind of flash mob I could like! icon_cool.gif