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    Aug 04, 2015 3:46 PM GMT

    9 Homophobic Politicians Who Lost Their Domains to LGBT Allies

    ...Some tech-savvy activists...buy bigoted candidates’ domain names and fill it with pro-LGBT content...

    Which candidates had their domains taken over?

    1. Governor Asa Hutchinson

    Republican Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson...declined to veto a controversial “religious freedom” bill designed to ... legalize discrimination against homosexuals. In addition to defining marriage as something between one man and one woman last summer, he voted to ban gay adoption while serving as a U.S. congressmen...

    AsaHutchinson.com and now has the address redirect to an LGBT message board...

    2-7. Indiana State Representatives Donna Schaibley, Douglas Gutwein, Kathy Kreag Richardson, Don Lehe, Dale Devon and Martin Carbaugh

    Speaking of those controversial religious freedom laws, nowhere felt the public backlash for advancing this agenda more than Indiana earlier this year. Activist Konrad Juengling decided to teach six of the Indiana legislators who passed this bigoted law in the first place a lesson by scooping up their .com domain names.

    Constituents who look for information about the politicians will instead be greeted by a page on the Human Right Campaign’s website about LGBT youth...

    8. Jeb Bush

    It’s no surprise that a man who reduced same-sex relationships to “sodomy” in the ‘90s is still far from a champion of gay rights. Jeb Bush has opposed protecting LGBT individuals under hate crime laws, and continues to be a “stalwart supporter of traditional marriage.” He also is in favor of promoting religious freedom laws to permit citizens to discriminate.

    Realizing that the Bush family’s political ambitions run deep, a gay couple in Oregon decided to register JebBushForPresident.com all the way back in 2008 – seven years before Jeb declared his candidacy. Rather than leaving the site for the politician to state homophobic views, CJ Phillips and Charlie Rainwater use this now-in-demand domain name to share stories of their own relationship, with the intent of showing what life is really like for an American gay couple. Phillips and Rainwater suggested they’d possibly be willing to sell the site to Bush if first he sat down with them to privately discuss issues of gay rights.

    9. Idaho Representative Paul Shepherd

    State Rep. Paul Shepherd, a Republican, made himself an easy target of LGBT supporters when he compared gay people to slave owners...

    Rather than hold Shepherd’s domain hostage indefinitely, Hailey agreed to return it to the politician if he made a significant donation to an LGBT charity in his area. If Shepherd decides to try to buy it outright without making a donation, Hailey said he would donate the proceeds to a relevant group himself.
  • Bunjamon

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    Aug 05, 2015 2:09 PM GMT
    I think this is such a clever way to be an activist. Ironically, some rich people think of this decades in advance (like Michael Bloomberg) and purchase all of the domain names they can think of to prevent this from happening.
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    Aug 05, 2015 3:01 PM GMT
    From early on I thought that registering someone else's name was morally wrong and so never engaged in that myself.

    This kind of stuff I think is somewhat cute at a political level and with respect to morality it seems to me evil fighting evil with hopefully the lesser of the two winning such that evil might self-reduce. Wishful thinking, I know.