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    Aug 05, 2015 8:44 PM GMT
    Hey, I have few questions icon_smile.gif Could you answer please ?icon_smile.gif

    1. What do you think of an oral sex in condom?
    2. Why don't many gays want to be in a realtionship?
    3. Being versatile... doesn't it really matter for those if they give or receive? ( I;m bottom myself, I don't get it)
    4. WHy do many gays stress out when having sex for the first time ?;/
    5. Would you date me ? icon_biggrin.gif Many gays say I'm OK, why is it that people who you don't find attractive bug you etc. and when there's some one you fancy then it isnt mutual....?

    Thanks in advance for your replies icon_smile.gif
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    Aug 06, 2015 2:14 PM GMT
    1. Condom in hook ups in a MUST !! , in monogamous relationship or when clean bill of sexual health are exchanged ,then oral sex without condom is fine .

    2. I know of many gays who couldn't wait to be in a relationship . The ones who do not are into sex only , and there is nothing wrong with that either .

    3. Don't do anal so cannot comment on that question .

    4. 95% of straights and gays stress on their when they have sex the first time . This is a new experience like no other , and the pressure of satisfying your partner is a big stress producer .

    5. Yes i will date you , you are an handsome bloke .
    There is nothing more emotionally painfull , than being in love with someone who isn't on the same level of feeling .