i made a poem about what i was thinking about yesterday. i was in really deep thought, found a page with a lot of things i like about the subject.


its called "Peer"

Staring into the patterns of an iris chasm,
with the plentiful opportunities in the open air.
there is chance for a glint into what we imagine,
with a glance at what we are aware.

With an idea of the way we come together,
a moment can matter in our sights.
the gaze we let our lips and eyes tether,
is hindered while we succumb to blazing light.

should we find solace in a space thats dim,
the providence of occassion may arise.
it could seem like our cup would fill to the brim,
yet the future is in the plans we devise.

a schematic of interest might be set in place,
peaking our interest with the brows decoration.
but would we then be bound by our similar grace,
or allow ourselves the breadth of fleeting temptations?