Help, Need advice from some gay guys. Not sure if this is the right place to ask this....

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    Aug 15, 2015 12:26 PM GMT
    Okay so I seem to have written a novel which wasn't my intention, but since I don't really have anybody I can talk to about this, it did feel good to just let it all out. Thanks to anyone who can help me and for taking the time to read my ramblings. icon_sad.gif

    So I'm bi and I was on a popular dating site looking to meet a girl. About a month ago this guy messages me (with no pic) and says hes "straight" but wants to try sucking a guy and asks if I'd be down. I told him I might be interested but I would need to see a face pic. He says he's way too discrete to send any face pics or any type of information that gives him away. The only information he would give me was what was on his profile which was White,26,male,athletic build,6'2. He was around my age and height so I made plans with him to meet him somewhere over the weekend.

    Now, I should say that I've never actually done anything with a guy before this except receiving a few blow jobs, so I don't even know if I'm Bi. On top of that, I find it really hard to cum from a blow job (from both guys and girls). I always end up jacking off to finish, but I do enjoy the sensation from both sexes while I'm receiving. I've had sex with girls and enjoyed it and have never wanted to have sex with a guy -ever- before this. Getting a BJ from a guy was all I was into.

    So anyway, Saturday came around and I met this guy (We didn't even exchange names or anything) in a deserted parking lot around lunch time and he messaged me on this dating app to just hop in the backseat of his car. Yes, I know a lot of this is sketchy as hell but I've done it before and I like to live on the edge, lol. Plus at this time I was extremely horny and really needed to get off.

    So I see his car, open the backdoor and hop in (I'm semi-hard). We exchange our first awkward "Heys" and the second I look at him, I'm stunned! Let me just quickly say that when it comes to guys, I don't really care that much about their body type, race, or anything like that but I do care about their face. If I find their face attractive then the rest doesn't bother me (Mainly because I'm just receiving anyway, and I like to look at the guy as he's blowing me). And I know that I haven't seen a picture of this guy but I let him know when we chatted earlier that if I wasn't interested, I would just hop out of the car and he was cool with that.

    So anyway, I get in the backseat and when I look at this guy, I'm shocked. He looks just like Liam Hemsworth (The first thought I had when I saw him was 'he looks just like that guy from the hunger games.') He looked like he could be that guys brother or something. I remember using Google on my phone for that actors name after this lol. I was so shocked because I found him so attractive and my hard on disappeared. Its counter-intuitive, I know, but I was thinking, "Holy Shit, what the hell is this guy doing here with me?!" I thought for sure he was going to kick me out. I mean, I'm not a bad looking guy, but definitely nothing compared to Liam! lol

    He makes some joke about something, but I can barely pay attention because I'm so fixated on his face and Ive never been so attracted to a guy before, but then his face gets serious and he says "We gotta make this quick, I have to be somewhere" and he motions his eyes to my shorts with a nod. I get really embarrassed because I'm not even hard so I start massaging myself over my shorts to try and get hard but he says "Don't worry about it" and I just pull my shorts down and he quickly looks out the window for signs of anyone, I do the same and before I can move my eyes away from the window I feel his tongue on my cock and when I look down, I'm immediately hard. Rock hard.

    This guy was fucking amazing. He told me earlier that he's never done anything with a guy before but I had to assume that was a lie because he definitely knew what he was doing, plus I told him the same thing lol. It was hands down the best BJ I ever got. I literally was ready to bust after 2 minutes but I didn't want to get off that early and embarrass myself so I held on to it as long as I could (which I'm pretty good at) and the sensation was unbelievable. I remember thinking to myself midway "Is this guy seriously blowing me right now?!" So anyway, after about 8-10 minutes (lol) I bust and he gags. I had every intention of warning him that I was about to cum but towards the end I lost control of all of my senses and I couldn't help my self. I probably should have warned him because he spit out some cum from his mouth on my cock.

    What's weird for me is, this is the first time I've EVER cum from a blowjob. It was indescribable and I was -so- attracted to this guy which has never happened to me before. I've found guys attractive before sure, but not at this level. I mean honestly, I was ready to bust after 1-2 minutes with this guy.

    So, after that amazing orgasm my insecurity kicks in. I start thinking "This guy is so hot, what if he thought I didn't look as good in person compared to my pics and just blew me because he felt he had to.(lol)" I felt that way because he did say he had somewhere to be which he didn't mention to me before hand. I mean, it sounded like an excuse to get this over with lol Plus there was this moment of awkwardness after it was done that lasted for a little while. I was probably reading too much into the situation and hes about to say something but before he does I say "Thanks Dude" and just hop out of the car. Lol.

    I really wanted to get blown my him again but it was just way too awkward for me. And again, it's not like I've never done this before, but its the first time it was with a guy that I was SO attracted to. So 10 minutes later as I'm on my way home I get a notification from the dating app and its him. I assume its good news because I would expect him to just block me if he didn't want to meet again. I get semi-hard seeing that the message is from him. He just types, "Lol". I have no idea what that means, I assume it has to do with the fact that I just bolted from the car, so I just write back, "Thanks Dude, sorry, I assumed you were in a rush, did you want me to stay and wait for you to complete?" and he writes back "Nope, I liked it when you finished." At that, Im super hard again (LOL but this guy was THAT hot!) So I write "Cool ;) We should do that again sometime" and he goes "Yeah, for sure, Ill message you"

    So in the past month, we've met up about 2 more times. Same place, same situation. I still find it really hard to control my nut with this dude blowing me but I have started playing with his cock too (which is something that I never found appealing to do with a guy) but this last time as he was blowing me I just had this urge to play with his cock as he was slobbering all over my cock.

    Okay so now that you know my whole story, the reason I posted it here is because I'm set to meet this guy again over the weekend and I really want to try fucking him. Like, REAL bad. And this is something I've never wanted to do with a guy. The off times I watch gay porn its always bjs, I hate watching guys get fucked or guys fucking guys, it just doesn't do anything for me. But with this guy...I want to pound his ass and have him pound me REALLY REALLY bad.

    I have no clue how to bring it up to him because this guy comes off as "100% straight (lol, I know), never does stuff with guys, just into BJs (and only giving)." The -only- reason I feel like he MAY be into other stuff is because he did let me play with his cock this last time which I thought he would never do (I just undid his belt and jeans and stuck my hand down there and started jerking him as he was sucking me and he didn't say anything).

    Does anybody have any advice for me. I don't want to lose our little arrangement over this and I do feel like one of the reasons he likes meeting up with me is because I'm not rea
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    Aug 16, 2015 7:46 AM GMT
    As with so many other things in life, there are only two real tragedies in our lives: one is having our prayers fulfilled, and the other is not having them fulfilled.

    If you stick to your present arrangement, more likely than not, both of you will get tired of the 'same ole', 'same ole' all the time. The nature will take its course, and sooner rather than later your parking lot meetups will get less and less frequent. Life tends to help people move on for a reason.

    Now, a dude who is apparently keen on giving BJs to seemingly total strangers, may be keen or NOT on broadening his sexual horizons with you or someone else or not at all? Only he holds the answer to this question. Neither you nor all of the collective wisdom here would help much in figuring out this matter.

    So, where do you go from here?

    Frankly, you grow a pair, and drop tons of attitude. Despite what everybody has been telling you for all these years, your personal intricacies, rules, do's and no do's, etc.. really matter to you only, and may have to be chucked overboard once they encounter a 'Liam Hemsworth' kinda reality check coupled with your pretty strong sexual urge here.

    You go on and break the deafening silence between the two of you. Tell him that while your discretion remains a matter of honor, you see every reason to up the game a bit. Neither he nor you are HS kids meeting at a deserted parking lot for too many times? Would he care to meet you in a more comfortable environment? The dude will respond. One way or the other, and clue you in. This is where one thing usually leads to the other... and much is accomplished without any embarrassing/awkward moments...