Solar System Level of God Speaks to Me
Mars square Midheaven
Keep calm - August 17 - August 20

The energy of this influence comes rather explosively and may take on a life of its own. Its basic intent is to help you achieve a certain objective or make an impression on the world. But if you feel frustrated for any reason, the energy may be expressed in such a way as to work against your interests, as you would realize if you were in a calmer frame of mind.

If you can control yourself during this time, it will help you accomplish a great deal of work and initiate projects that you might otherwise be reluctant to tackle.

With this influence, self-confidence is usually high, although if your normal level of confidence is low, it may come out as irritability and peevishness.

This influence is particularly likely to cause trouble in your home if you hold in your anger at work but allow it to explode at home.

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