The death of hot music & the gay underground....

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    Aug 20, 2015 1:40 AM GMT
    DJ save me!! What happened to all the hot music??
    The CLUB music sucks and the dancing is even worse.
    What happened?
    A few years back I went to a big event in South Beach, FL. and the music rocked the house down! Lately, I have gone to a few venues and the music was horrible.......Has the era of hot tunes left the house??
    Maybe some of this??
    Trance Techno- Sounds Like A Melody

    New World Sound & Thomas Newson - Flute (Original Mix)
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    Aug 20, 2015 2:00 AM GMT

    You have to define the 'hot music' you speak of. One mans hot is another mans cold.

    I BLAME todays straight EDM DJ's, who make millions, think they invented the electronic genre. See, gay community had this thing down, in the 70's, it was called Disco. Disco and its rhythmic beats was removed from planet earth by none other than straight (heterosexual) people, namely young white men who at the time preferred rock and roll classics. These men saw a 'take over' happening and their rock music was fading. Rest assured, the gay community has been mixing, producing, remixing, spinning, inventing electronic music, having a gay old time since the good ole days of Disco.

    Because everything old, is new again, with heterosexuals. For some reason, heterosexuals, men and women, have latched onto the electronic form of Trance, (Trance inducing melody) versus our gay music, hard tribal beats, low highs, danceable melodies.
    A circuit party is a large dance event. It extends through the night and into the following day, almost always with a number of affiliated events in the days leading up to and following the main event. Proto-circuit parties in the late 1970s, the precursors of what later became circuit parties, were called disco parties; they only lasted one evening and were held in various large venues in metropolitan areas with large gay populations. Circuit parties were first developed in connection with the early tea dances attended by a subset of gay men, as well as theme parties held on Fire Island, in the days after police abuse and before the beginning of the health crisis of HIV/AIDS. They came to resemble underground rave parties in some respects, but differ in that circuit parties are highly publicized and professionally produced, and tend to attract people from a wider age range and a broader geographic area.

    Ambient Ambient dub
    Ambient industrial
    Dark ambient
    Drone music

    Breakbeat Acid breaks
    Baltimore club
    Big beat
    Broken beat
    Florida breaks Nu-funk
    Miami bass

    Jersey club
    Nu skool breaks

    Disco Cosmic disco
    Disco polo
    Euro disco
    Italo disco
    Space disco

    Downtempo Acid jazz
    Ethnic electronica
    New-age music
    Trip hop

    Drum and bass Darkstep
    Drill and bass
    Liquid funk

    Electro music Freestyle music

    Electroacoustic music Acousmatic music
    Musique concrète

    Electronic rock Alternative dance Indietronica

    Dark wave
    Ethereal wave
    Minimal wave
    New rave
    post punk
    Space rock

    Electronica Berlin School

    Hardcore/Gabber 4-beat
    Breakbeat hardcore
    Bouncy techno
    Digital hardcore
    Happy hardcore
    UK hardcore

    Hardstyle Dubstyle
    Jumpstyle Melbourne bounce

    Lento violento

    Hi-NRG Eurobeat
    Eurodance Bubblegum dance
    Italo dance

    House music Acid house
    Ambient house
    Balearic beat
    Chicago house
    Deep house Future House

    Diva house/Handbag house
    Electro house Big room
    Dutch house
    Fidget house
    Moombahton Moombahcore

    Electro swing
    French house
    Funky house
    Garage house
    Ghetto house Ghettotech

    Hard house Hard NRG Nu-NRG

    Hip house
    Italo house
    Jazz house
    Latin house
    Microhouse/Minimal house
    New beat
    Outsider house
    Progressive house
    Tech house
    Trap Drill

    Tribal house
    Tropical house
    Witch house/Drag

    Industrial music Aggrotech
    Dark electro
    Electronic body music
    Industrial metal
    Industrial rock
    Neue Deutsche Härte
    Power electronics Death industrial

    Power noise

    IDM Glitch Glitch Hop


    Jungle Darkcore jungle

    Post-disco Boogie

    Techno Acid techno
    Detroit techno
    Dub techno
    Free tekno
    Minimal techno
    Tecno brega

    Trance music Acid trance
    Balearic trance
    Dream trance
    Goa trance
    Hard trance
    Psychedelic trance Suomisaundi

    Progressive trance
    Tech trance
    Uplifting trance
    Vocal trance

    UK garage 2-step garage Dubstep Brostep

    Future garage
    Grime Grindie

    Speed garage Bassline/4x4 garage

    UK funky

    Video game music Chiptune Bitpop
    Game Boy music


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    Aug 20, 2015 2:02 AM GMT
    I loved the house beats.

    OMG Chicago house rocked!
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    Aug 20, 2015 2:13 AM GMT
    Another, gay anthem classic, I finally found (Crystal Waters vocals) icon_cool.gif

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    Aug 20, 2015 11:02 PM GMT
    No need to make it an us vs. them issue against straight people. Many modern DJs (whether they fall under the EDM category or not) recognize that house music was born in gay clubs. That was made clear recently when a guy named Ten Walls made some derogatory remarks against gay people. Many artists and fans responded by calling him out on the irony.

    I also don't really support the idea of groups of people "claiming" forms of art, because art needs to evolve in order to be relevant and reach people.

    These days there is a lot of trash out there and it tends to dominate the festival scene, which is where all the attention is being given to. There are still some quality dance music coming out. It just depends on what your taste is. Here's something I'm quite liking right now:

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    Aug 21, 2015 12:14 AM GMT
    Used to dance to Junior Vasquez at Sound Factory and later on Earth.

    Nothing could ever top that. I have literally billions of dead brain cells to attest to that fact.
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    Aug 21, 2015 5:06 AM GMT

    Because I love all of you, many of our now classic anthems icon_cool.gif

    Queer as Folk soundtracks

    First Season (2001)[edit]
    1.Greek Buck – "Spunk (Synth-Version)" – 0:29
    2.Barry Harris – "Dive In the Pool (feat. Pepper Mashay)" – 3:55
    3.Full Frontal – "You Think You're a Man" – 4:00
    4.Heather Small – "Proud" – 4:27
    5.Kristine W – "Lovin' You" – 3:30
    6.Alcazar – "Crying At the Discotheque" – 3:50
    7.Jay-Jay Johanson – "Suffering" – 4:46
    8.Mint Royale – "Shake Me" – 4:05
    9.B-U – "Summerfire" – 3:25
    10.Antiloop – "Start Rockin'" – 3:26
    11.Love Inc. – "Do Ya (Feel the Love)" – 3:49
    12.Katy B – "Let's Hear It for the Boy" – 5:31
    13.Carole Pope – "High School Confidential" – 3:14
    14.Touch and Go – "Straight To...Number One" – 3:37
    15.Greek Buck – "Spunk (Thank You Version)" – 0:29
    16.The Drifters – "Save The Last Dance For Me" – 2:36

    Second Season (2002)[edit]
    1.Kosheen – "Hide U (John Creamer & Stephane K. Remix)" – 5:07
    2.Deborah Cox – "Absolutely Not (Chanel Club Mix)" – 4:46
    3.Kim English – "Everyday (Hex Hector & Mac Quayle Club Mix)" – 4:38
    4.DJ Disciple – "Caught Up (feat. Mia Cox) [Guido Osario Vocal Mix]" – 4:24
    5.Elle Patrice – "Rising" – 4:23
    6.Satoshi Tomiie – "Sneaky One (feat. Deanna)" – 4:14
    7.Daft Punk – "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Peter Heller's Stylus Remix)" – 4:59
    8.The Chemical Brothers – "Star Guitar (Peter Heller's Expanded Mix)" – 5:00
    9.Etta James – "Miss You (Illicit Remix Edit)" – 5:02
    10.Sarah McLachlan – "Plenty (Fade Mix)" – 5:04
    11.Delerium – "Underwater (feat. Rani) [Mauve's Dark Vocal Mix]" – 4:59
    12.Mandalay – "Beautiful (Calderone After Hour Mix)" – 5:07

    Ultra Nate - Free

    Third Season (2003)[edit]

    Disc one[edit]
    1.Murk vs. Kristine W – "Some Lovin' (Peter Rauhofer Mix)" – 10:41
    2.iiO – "At the End (The Scumfrog Remix)" – 4:47
    3.The Roc Project – "Never (Past Tense) [feat. Tina Arena] {Tiësto Mix}" – 6:36
    4.Gioia – "From the Inside (Junior Vasquez Mix)" – 8:15
    5.Yoko Ono – "Walking On Thin Ice (Danny Tenaglia Club Mix)" – 4:58
    6.Divine – "Native Love (Step By Step)" – 4:23
    7.Namtrak vs. Chris Zippel – "Viva Colombia (Cha Cha) [NamZip Club Mix]" – 4:21
    8.Cassius – "The Sound of Violence (Dancefloor Killa Mix)" – 5:00

    Disc two[edit]
    1.Sneaker Pimps – "Loretta Young Silks" – 6:00
    2.Matthew Good – "Weapon" – 4:56
    3.The Soundtrack of Our Lives – "Infra Riot" – 4:47
    4.Pete Townshend – "Rough Boys" – 4:02
    5.Underworld – "Sola Sistim" – 6:28
    6.Broken Social Scene – "Lover's Spit" – 6:07

    Fourth Season (2004)[edit]
    1.Burnside Project – "Cue the Pulse to Begin" – 4:02
    2.Suede – "Attitude" – 3:05
    3.Jason Nevins – "I'm the Main Man" – 2:58
    4.Goldfrapp – "Train" – 4:05
    5.Eels – "Love of the Loveless" – 3:31
    6.Ima Robot – "Scream" – 3:51
    7.The Reindeer Section – "You Are My Joy" – 3:44
    8.The Uncut – "Understanding the New Violence" – 4:05
    9.TV On the Radio – "Satellite" – 4:31
    10.Andrea Menard – "If I Were a Man" – 3:22
    11.Circlesquare – "7 Minutes" – 4:21
    12.Origene – "Sanctuary" – 3:25
    13.Kodo – "Strobe's Nanafushi (Satori Mix)" – 4:59
    14.Black – "Wonderful Life" – 4:45

    Fifth Season (2005)[edit]
    1.Scissor Sisters – "The Skins" – 2:52
    2.Geri Halliwell – "Ride It (Hex Hector 12" Mix)" – 5:07
    3.DV Roxx – "Hardcore Mutha Fucka" – 4:57
    4.Fatboy Slim – "Jin Go Lo Ba" – 4:42
    5.Ultra Naté – "Free (Jason Nevins Mix)" – 4:39
    6.Madeleine Peyroux – "Dance Me to the End of Love" – 3:57
    7.The Charlatans – "My Beautiful Friend (Lionrock Mix)" – 5:03
    8.Superpitcher – "Fever" – 4:59
    9.PJ Harvey – "This Mess We're In" – 3:55
    10.Marilyn Manson – "Personal Jesus" – 4:08
    11.DJ Rhythm – "Drama (Warren Clark Club Mix)" – 5:37
    12.Africanism All Stars – "Summer Moon" – 4:51
    13.Cyndi Lauper – "Shine (Babylon Mix)" – 4:24
    14.Heather Small – "Proud (Peter Presta QAF V Mix)" – 5:01

    Queer As Folk - Club Babylon (2005)[edit]

    Disc one: Babylon[edit]
    1.Book of Love – "Boy (Original Mix)" – 3:16
    2.Ultra Naté – "Free (Oscar G Space Anthem))" – 4:49
    3.Bronski Beat – "Smalltown Boy (Original Mix))" – 4:56
    4.Morel – "True (The Faggot Is You) (Deep Dish Mix)" – 4:41
    5.Sneaker Pimps – "Spin Spin Sugar (Armand Van Helden Mix)" – 6:11
    6.Kristine W – "Fly Again (Scumfrog Club Mix)" – 6:38
    7.Amuka – "Appreciate Me (Trip To Paradise Mix)" – 4:54
    8.Narcotic Thrust – "Safe From Harm (Peter Rauhofer Mix)" – 5:27
    9.Peter Rauhofer + Pet Shop Boys = The Collaboration – "Break 4 Love (Friburn + Urik Tribal Mix)" – 6:33
    10.Barry Harris featuring Pepper Mashay – "Dive In The Pool (X-Union Mix)" – 5:43

    Disc two: Behind Babylon[edit]
    1.Suzanne Palmer – "Home (Offer Nissim Remix)" – 7:19
    2.Kristine W – "The Wonder Of It All (Offer Nissim Remix)" – 6:55
    3.Friburn + Urik – "I Need You" – 5:55
    4.Murk – "Doesn't Really Matter (Friscia & Lamboy Remix)" – 6:38
    5.Carl Cox featuring Hannah Robinson – "Give Me Your Love (Valentino Kanzyani Remix)" – 6:35
    6.Loleatta Holloway – "Stand Up (Hott 22 Remix)" – 5:05
    7.Inaya Day – "Lift It Up (DJ Paulo & Jamie J. Sanchez Mix)" – 6:01
    8.Afrika Bambaataa & The Millennium Of The Gods – "B More Shake (FC Nond Remix)" – 2:42
    9.Rachel Panay – "Back To Love (Friscia & Lamboy Vocal Anthem Mix)" – 5:24
    10.Gadjo – "So Many Times (Antoine Clamaran Remix)" – 5:03
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    Aug 21, 2015 1:00 PM GMT
    I like rock n' roll music, I don't like electronic disco or club music. It all sounds basically the same and it is irritating after awhile.