So should we/how do we track people who are "mentally ill" but high functioning enough to not be committed?

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    Aug 27, 2015 1:38 PM GMT
    These shootings are awful and almost always at the hands of someone who was unstable. But in a world of privacy rights, gun rights, and freedom to be as quirky as we want (and rightfully so)... how do we begin track these types of people before the killing spree happens?

    I have worked with plenty of people who I thought had odd behavior, but that is in the eye of the beholder.
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    Aug 27, 2015 2:02 PM GMT
    We have to rely on the states, as there is no Federal means of tracking yahoos unless there is a terrorist threat that locals are required to report to the DOJ.

    The states must be capable of maintaining reliable data for the purpose of background checks, and hold firearms and weapons dealers liable whenever they fail to deny purchases to statutorily unstable citizens, regardless of whether that person later uses that weapon in an illegal act.

    The states also have to be able to share data seamlessly, as they try to do in the case of sex offenders. Wyoming has to have the same technological capacities as California, and Texas must have equivalent personnel capacity to keep track of unstable individuals as Rhode Island.

    All of that said, we must remember that high-functioning citizens are still able to function in the workplace, without issue, every day.

    Yet when they trip up, say, to the extent that they have to be carried out of the office kicking and screaming after getting terminated, the state and county social service agencies need to know about that, upfront.

    Those persons making violent threats on social media? Rather than merely deleting their pages until they pop up with a new one, social media groups should be able to report that behavior to a Federal entity with whatever data they have (IP addresses and whatnot). The Feds, in turn, can help the states investigate to find those persons, so the states can determine what scale of social work is necessary for each individual.

    Too often we wait until something bad happens and then work backward to find all the acorns along the trail. The states need to be our squirrels.
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    Aug 27, 2015 2:10 PM GMT
    woodfordr saidSo should we/how do we track people who are "mentally ill" but high functioning enough to not be committed?
    I won't say yes or no, but I do think that most religious organizations would be shut down if we did.
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    Aug 27, 2015 2:47 PM GMT
    i suspect states like Colorado (where i live) and Mississippi run the gambit but are mainly lacking personal development and mental health infrastructure. The investment in people is more than providing a low to medium quality public education system.

    The great recession has disenfranchised a percentage more citizens. Struggle as they may these young men will never have what their parents had. Me; a good time to BE ABLE TO RETIRE. Just got to keep my ass out of the theaters.

    he officially left the court system yesturday:
    James Eagan Holmes has his own wiki page (no respect unless you do >9 people). No way to track unstable citizens. Initially had no previous criminal record. But today was officially sentenced to 3,000 years in prison. Holmes graduated in the top 1% of his class with a 3.949 GPA but had "Nail Ghosts" that would hammer on the walls at night. Looks like the ghosts won:

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    Aug 27, 2015 3:06 PM GMT
    This is precisely the reason why stricter gun laws NEED to be put in place.
    It's not so much about trying to find these "mentally ill" people and counselling them before they go gun crazy and more so about making sure they cannot have access to weaponry that will allow them to do so in the first freaking place.

    I mean how many times was it because they were given a gun as a birthday gift or some shit so it's not even always the case of these people buying the guns themselves.

    The fact that shootings are becoming this often is really a massive disrespect to everyone who calls that country their home.
    Why for the life of me guns are being given a higher priority than lives in the wake of these many shootings and that's just this year alone...

    Since it's a fact that there is more guns than people in the U.S. should already tell you something.

    Like honestly for fucks sake, even your live news reports are getting shot, your churches, your elementary and secondary schools, your universities, your cinemas, your malls, etc

    For fucks sake wake up and make a damn fucking change because whatever is happening or is in place right now is obviously not working.
    Unless you want to accept this kind of shit as an every day part of life if the country love guns this much.
    How many more monstrosities like this need to happen and how many more people have to die in the interim before something is legitimately done about it?

    If it's not clear by this stage that there needs to be some kind of restriction on the access of guns to just anyone who feels like buying one, then there's no fucking hope honestly.
    You can try round up all those who seem "mentally ill" enough to want to do this and counsel them, but how long will that take before it's actually effective and more importantly how many more people will have to die before it starts to work?

    I cannot believe how slow action is taking with this many freaking incidences in just this one year alone.
    It's a massive joke to be honest but what can you expect though since one of the country's major sales of exports is weaponry.

    You have this many shootings going on and then coupled by the fact that there have been numerous fatal shootings of innocent people from your police too.

    Like it's becoming more and more obvious nobody knows how to handle their shit any more when they really just need to let go of these fucking guns.
    You're basically killing yourselves faster than fucking ISIS is trying to kill you!

    I mean really, a right to bear arms? Like it has it's own fucking right and where is that getting you exactly?
    To bear arms against whom exactly because right now it just seems everybody is pointing these guns at each other, and for what?
    Because you have a right to?

    It's just so fucking crazy that every time something like this happens, people still choose guns over lives because with no changes being made that's practically what's happening.

    There are how many countries in the world with stricter gun laws that have a CONSIDERABLE lower gun crime rate to show as evidence that putting at least some kind of restriction to the access of guns actually works, but still it surprises me that the U.S. continue to act like it doesn't apply to them or that they're above the need of such restrictions, again even with this many shootings happening.

    Okay sorry for the aggression and honestly I'm not saying all this because I hate the country or anything like that.
    To be honest there is a lot of good things about your country which is awesome and I just feel like this whole gun thing just really shits on those good things.

    I honestly just say all this because I truly want to see the U.S. overcome this horrible thing that seems to be stuck on repeat and become an even better place than it was before.
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    Aug 27, 2015 3:48 PM GMT
    just stay out of the U.S. theaters and you will be ok
    bring your own gun(s).