#ISISWelcome European political elite welcomes terrorists with open arms

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    Sep 06, 2015 2:16 PM GMT
    Fahad Firas is one of the many asylum seekers the Finnish Prime Minister Juha Sipilä met when visiting Oulu. Sipilä as a good old self-hating European politician will give poor defenceless baby Firas shelter in his summer home.

    Mr. Firas claims to be a 17 year old adolescent in need of protection.
    His internet history however paints a very different story.
    He is a trained fighter with combat experience, has been wandering around Europe for at least a year and spent some time in a Bulgarian prison. He is a "servant of Allah" and hopes one day to "kill all Bulgarians".

    Firas the adolescent tells the Finnish PM he is 17 years old LOL


    You can check baby Firas' beautiful life story and his love for Western values and people on his social media.

    his facebook id is fahad.firas.967
    remember to checkout posts/140510899625949
    plus google com 104258185600392469022
    youtube /channel/UCvYYlbevaisvRy6HcZQGaIQ
    vk com id229555246
    vk com photos186031204

    Some of these have been deleted because mean trolls have been harassing baby Firas and threatening to tell the Finnish authorities about who he really is.

    And then there's this guy:


    I wonder how many people applauded his arrival at Munich train station.
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    Sep 06, 2015 2:26 PM GMT
    They're probably fucking. He is quite hot.