Born in a royal family, good-looking and warm-hearted. when he learned his ex-lover, Abdul, a bodyguard in the palace of Abudin was kidnapped by the exetrem organization, he nearly went nuts and would do everything to save him, even at the cost of 10 million dollars.

Abdul is a handsome young man, always dreamed of go to US one day in the future, to him, the States is a world of freedom, a country where a person like him could live a free and gay life. Pittifully, when he went out the closet finally after a long time struggling, Abdul and others in the gay club were kidnaped by the terrorists. Just before Sammy got the mony to atone him, Abdul and several other gaymen were bound to the chair and put off from a high building.

When Sammy know his ex-lover was carried out death sentence in this cruel way, the only thing he could do for him is to revenge. So he agreed to sponsor the Red Hand, the guerrilla fighting against the extreme organization.

(Sammy and his exotic bf Abdul)