Hi guys, mid-30's gay man here. I wondered if any other gay men here got bored of gay sex and made the switch over to straight sex?

A few months ago, after fucking 100's of men, i gave pussy a try. And... i fucking love it.

Now, let me set the record right - i am as gay as they come, fairly camp and good looking bloke - can be very flamboyant. Love a hairy gruff chest, love ass and dick.

But I am not attracted to girls. Their bodies do nothin for me - but my god their pussy feels amazing. I really cant stop getting enough of it. I love how the feel of pussy grips and sucks my dick.

Now, i have been thinking about this... is this an obsession extended from me loving straightt guys - ie I am now the 'straight guy' who fucks cunt. I am also weirdly turned on by other dicks being in her pussy - but not had a chance to have a bi threesome.

As it stands, i find gay sex quite boring... but i wonder if this is a phase.

Any gay men here who enjoy the occassional pussy?