So, Did You Miss Doomsday on September 13? (Had I known, I'd have remembered to wash my hair!)

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    Sep 20, 2015 4:22 PM GMT

    jockfever's old pal (gollee, I miss that guy! He still around?) Rabbi Johnathan Cohn spent the last 365-plus days hyping up September 13 as the Doomsday du jour.

    You know, when Pat Robertson brings you on his show just to troll you, things aren't going terribly well!

    Right Wing WatchAfter predicting for the entire last year that "The Shemitah" on Sunday, September 13, would usher in some cataclysmic event in America — possibly an economic crash, inclement weather, war or terrorist attacks — messianic rabbi Jonathan Cahn appeared on “The 700 Club” today to save face (and sell more books) after September 13 came and went without anything out of the ordinary happening.

    When host Pat Robertson asked him if anything noteworthy happened on the 13th, Cahn first tried to avoid the question but eventually told the televangelist that “you can’t put God in a box or He’ll get out of it,” saying that God doesn’t work in exact dates.

    Of course, Cahn himself declared that this potential disaster would occur on an “exact date … in accordance with the ancient mystery” of the Shemitah, a day when the land is left fallow and debts are forgiven. “The coming Shemitah will end September 2015. Its final climatic day, Elul 29, the Day of Remission, will fall on Sunday, September 13,” he wrote in “The Harbinger.”

    World(Nut)Daily repeatedly reported on Cahn’s September 13 prophecy, with messages like “Mark This Date For Potential Disaster,” “Get Ready: Biblical Shemitah’ Begins This Week,” and “Countdown To Disaster.” WND is even making a movie about Cahn’s prophetic message.

    Cahn, however, said that the stock market selloff that occurred on August 18 of this year came close enough to the September 13 date to count as a fulfillment of his prophecy. “It started in the summer,” he said. He also pointed to Sunday’s relatively minor earthquake off the Gulf of California, which is actually located in Mexico and doesn’t even touch the U.S. As if Cahn couldn’t get any more vague, he also said that the Shemitah period marked America’s decline from the world’s leading economic power.

    Grasp those straws, Rabbi! Grasp 'em! icon_lol.gif
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    Sep 20, 2015 6:57 PM GMT
    Cohn's not quite a Rabbi, rather, he's a Pastor. Though raised reformed, he's no longer even Jewish as far as Jews are concerned. He's Christian clergy, if that.
    But here's a major difference: While many of the congregants claim to be Jews, the liturgy focuses on Jesus as savior. Beth Israel is a messianic congregation that recently opened its doors in Wayne, and the Jewish community has sought to educate itself against a possible missionary onslaught. Messianism has been condemned by Jewish clergy and leaders as a cloak for Christian missionizing.

    It's enough that we have our own homophobic orthodoxy to deal with. Calling this charlatan a Rabbi is an insult to Jewish community.