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    Sep 22, 2015 12:28 PM GMT
    Going to be in Portland and Seattle starting later this week visiting some friends. Been to each once before and looking forward to it. Another friend we're visiting lives on Bainbridge Island so I'm looking forward to seeing that.

    Besides the aviation geek stuff we've already got planned, wondering what "don't miss" items should I request if my hosts ask for ideas?
  • Muscmasmat

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    Sep 23, 2015 5:57 PM GMT
    For Seattle, if you have been to Seattle before, you have probably already done Pike Place Market and maybe the first Starbucks (if not, it is not that big of a deal; instead go to the new Starbucks roasting store up on Capital Hill). You are already doing the aviation things (Boeing plant in Everett, etc.) and getting out on the water via ferry to Bainbridge Island I assume. If you are a wine person, you could go to Woodinville, just northeast of Seattle and go to some of the tasting rooms. This can be combined with a trip to Snoqualmie Falls.

    For a free good view of Seattle and Elliott bay, drive up to Kerry Park on Queen Ann hill or visit Volunteer Park and climb the water tower for a view of Seattle and east, the Cascade mountains.

    For day trips, I recommend:

    1). drive up to Mt. Rainier and do a short hike if you like. wonderful views and a bit unique since it is a volcano

    2). within an hour of Seattle down I90, you can do some wonderful short hikes that are not too strenuous just to get out into the forests and in the mountains.

    3). drive up to Vancouver, B.C. (just about 2.5 hours). I suggest parking at one of the park and ride stations and taking the skytrain into the city center. You can see wonderful views on the river at Canada Place and also views of English Bay and walk or ride bikes around Stanley Park. Passport required for this of course.

    4). take an excursion/ferry to Victoria on Vancouver Island. Passport required here also.

    Those are some ideas. If you need any additional info, you can message me. Have a good time in Seattle.
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    Sep 23, 2015 7:01 PM GMT
    Great, thank you! We're only there a few days so we'll probably stay pretty close to the city but there are definitely some good ideas here.

    During the trip from Portland we're considering a detour to Lower Lewis Falls, which I'm told is really beautiful.