Tell me please, why do I continue to live in America again?
Its just becoming way too apparent the amount of "push back" by right wing nut job ideology in moving our country forward, is certainly degrading life here in America.

I was born, raised here and as time goes by, I cant seem to enjoy life in America much longer anymore, the extreme polarities and division caused by the right wing, who want to take our country back to the days of horse and buggy, its becoming almost intolerable.

I "see" their agenda, replace secular law (Constitution) with their religious law (Bible). This is much more than just a "backlash" against progressives and liberals. The "power struggle" in the social war has reached a new level, fever pitch.

As somebody said once, "the more progressive, liberal we become as a nation, the more angry, violent they become to try and stop it"...with absolute opposing forces, how does this lead to growth, life, liberty and happiness for everyone? As far as immoveable objects, like the earth, it does move, but in the form of earthquakes, and we all know what happens during one, the ground shakes and splits apart.

Another American Civil War is coming again? I don't see positive outcomes for Americas future if today is any indication, unlike the last civil war, everyone is armed, what would a new civil war look like? The right wing sociopath is driving this to biblical "prophecy", so that they can shake their stinky fingers at everyone and say "I told you so", "evil minds that plot destruction"

Another war, based on more lies....I will be happy when I can live elsewhere or finally rest in peace, I fear for Americas future, I want out, im tired, this is not life, this is not happiness, this is certainly not liberty (Terminator II) icon_rolleyes.gif

“Boehner is a pro-immigration cuckservative. (I’m) glad he’s resigning. Both legal and illegal immigration are driving down American wages. It’s the No. 1 issue of our age,” said Jones.

When asked if he agreed with a fellow white supremacist, who wrote that Boehner “served his own special anti-White purpose,” he replied “yes.” Jones had retweeted the quote.

"European-descended people (whites) have interests too. Boehner did not represent our interests,” said Jones.

By midday, however, white supremacists like Taylor and Spencer had already resigned themselves to a new House Speaker who likely won’t speak for their values.

“Diversity is a source of conflict, not a strength. The idea that diversity is a strength is so obviously stupid that only very smart people can convince themselves of it,” said Taylor. “His replacement should talk about (these issues), but we can be certain that he will not.”