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Isn't this how Jack The Ripper killed his victims?

Lopez was taken to police headquarters for questioning. Initially Lopez told police that he and Nemeth had been drinking tequila which led to rough sex, according to his arrest report. Lopez reportedly claimed it was Nemeth’s idea to insert objects into her vagina during sex. He said she then went to the bathroom, vomited and had difficulty breathing so he called 9-1-1.

On further questioning Lopez’s story changed, according to police.

Lopez said they had been drinking and were having sex in the closet when she called out her ex-husband’s name – twice.

He reportedly told the police that angered him and he began smashing things around the apartment in anger. When he went back to the closet he found Nemeth passed out. Lopez said he then began to insert various objects into Nemeth’s vagina and anus, according to his arrest report. Nemeth was so intoxicated she didn’t resist, according to Lopez.

Lopez told police he became a “Monster” and inserted his hand into her vagina and began to pull out intestinal matter, according to his arrest report

Hear man's 911 call after ripping out girlfriend's intestines when she said ex's name during sex