What are '411 Scam's'? Generally, they are either individuals or syndicates, even Terrorist Organizations, that construct devious plans and scam's in order to get their hands on easy money. They prey on vulnerable, gullible individuals. Once they reel them in, they milk them of cash (lots of cash!). I recently heard a story of a women from South Africa, who fell into such a scam. She was lonely and looking for love. One day she found her True Love on Facebook, well she thought it was her True Love. The guy, stayed in Nigeria. He promised he would one day meet her and they would get married. To cut the story short, he needed money for this and that, then he needed money for Visa's and Plane tickets to see her (all lies). This poor women was employed in a top paying position. Eventually, she had given this guy, every Pay-Cheque and subsequently lost everything she owned, even her job. She now lives down-and-out in a Shelter, regretting her mistake and hoping to one day get back on her feet again. Have you ever been Scammed out of cash? Please note, I am not referring to any Profile on RealJock. These syndicates or individuals are out there, for 'easy money', your money!