I have a seven-year-old truck and recently started getting unsolicited "offers" for third-party extended warranties. I know these are generally a scam, but what pissed me off is that some of the people are calling my (unlisted) cell phone and have information about both me and my truck that I didn't give them.

I'm trying to figure out how they are finding out that my warranty is expiring, or why they even know I have this truck. Shouldn't that be nobody's business but mine and the manufacturer's?

I read on Car Talk that the dealerships sell this info to third parties. If I can confirm that I'm going to file a complaint with my state's department of consumer affairs. This dealership sucks in every way possible, so it would not surprise me in the last, nor would I mind a legitimate reason to go after them for some disreputable activity besides just being inept.

Anybody know anything about this? We've gotten them for our fridge too, but at least those seem to come from the manufacturer.