Guys in Vancouver VS. Toronto

  • MadeinMich

    Posts: 1624

    Oct 05, 2015 4:41 AM GMT
    Ok. Just out of curiosity. Which one of these cities have the hottest guys? I've been to Toronto and they have gorgeous men from all over the world. Almost like the cream of the crop there. Plenty of Habibis and all. What do you guys think?
  • highforthis

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    Oct 05, 2015 4:51 AM GMT
    I find that the wealthiest places have the healthiest and hottest guys. To that end I remember distinctly noticing how much better-looking the Asians were in Vancouver than everyone else. I prefer the variety in Toronto tho, and guys dress way better here. But in terms of natural good looks gimme Vancouver any day lol.
  • SwimBIkeRun94...

    Posts: 480

    Oct 20, 2015 10:48 PM GMT
    I'm sorry, but Vancouver is more beautiful in every way over Toronto, including the men.

    Realizing this is generalizing, but there are far less fat/sloppy guys in V than T. And even from city perspective, V is clean and modern and picturesque and filled with charming Asian influence. Toronto is just a snooze.

    (Yes, I really have not enjoyed my time in Toronto -- which is somewhat significant due to having several clients there.)