We have heard of 'Date Rape' where a women has had her drink spiked with GHB or something. They apparently can remember nothing but distinctively know they have been violated. A few years ago there was a news report of a young man (Here in South Africa), who went to a Night Club with friends. By the end of the night he wasn't feeling so well. The next morning he was rushed to ICU. He later died of whatever was added secretly by someone to his drink. In my younger days, we had a Rave Club in our Town. They used to pump Poppers and all kinds of crap, in the Airconditioner and in the smoke machine. (A trick at some Clubs, is to rinse the glasses in Methylated Spirits, this makes Clubbers drunk faster and saves the Club on liquer costs). I must say, even if you went there sober, you usually always left there intoxicated. Have you had your drink spiked? Police and Law Enforcements always advise - At a Club or a Bar, never leave your drink unattended. Never accept a drink from someone on the Dance Floor, unless you are at the Bar and you can see the drink being prepared.http://m.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/bhcv2/bhcarticles.nsf/mskpages/Drink_spiking?open