Justin was on a recent holiday in Bora Bora, with his present girlfriend. He took the liberty of posting nude pic's on Twitter. Just him, his guitar, his knocked knees and 'Twink-ish looks'. This is what happens when you start looking for publicity in all the wrong places. There are several naked pic's of Justin Bieber, all over the internet some recent or not so recent. I must say he has the goods, but because he has an attitude to match. I am afraid, I would, say, 'I pass...and again...I pass'! He may have a package, but can he 'Pack-it'!http://www.digitalspy.com/celebrity/news/a672566/naked-justin-bieber-pictures-have-hit-the-internet-and-oh-boy-his-fans-arent-happy.html#~pqVpG6gOOLmyAo