Wacky messages that make me laugh - do add yours here!

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    Oct 19, 2015 9:15 PM GMT
    Hey if you have saved any quirky unusual messages that have made you 'laugh OUT loud' do share them here.

    There are so many topics covered on this forum - but not much about humour & why not?

    Here is a selection of what has made me chuckle:

    'You just don't know who is hiding out in rural Hampshire...these hunky farmers. The sheep & cows never say no.

    "hi" - Would you walk into a restaurant and say: "I want you most delicious and steaming lasagna sliding down my gullet, the cheese oozing over my tongue. Oh yeah, mouth's watering just thinking about that juicy meat you have between those delicately baked layers of sumptuous egg pasta...."

    From a profile which I think is brilliant and perhaps 'mirrors' the experience of the majority that use ANY 'hook' up site, this made me smile:
    'I have met Mr. Wrong, had a coffee with Mr. Maybe, sat beside Mr. Pretending, danced with Mr. Sexy, though I've dated Mr. Right but it was Mr Almost, I know Mr Forever is there somewhere but know I won't find him... So I've decided to settle for Mr. Compatible………….Are you there???'

    And in my eleven years of being in the 'adult industry' this is still my fave:

    'Thanks for the mail. It’s amazing how time flies and this summer has vanished faster than a priests cock up a choir boys ass.'

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    Oct 21, 2015 2:33 PM GMT
    oh, there's a lot.

    Can't think of any here since they vanish after a while..

    I remember this one though:

    "Bro, do you even eat?"

    - No bro, I'm a and alien life form and I can survive simply by converting oxygen to carbon dioxide.