And that's why I don't trust gay men who have a roommate, part DUECE...including what happens when they are both on social media/Grindr.

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    Oct 21, 2015 7:50 PM GMT
    Drama, drama, drama. All week long it's just been drama. Reason being somehow I've met 2 guys in 2 weeks with a "roommate" who was really an ex, and not only one point, the younger person moved across country to live with the guy. All this I find out AFTER the fact. Which means if they moved to be with someone, it had to have been way more than just dating.

    I really don't understand gay mens living arrangements. I don't ever want to hear about lesbians and uhaul trucks on the second date, when gay men don't have enough respect for themselves to let a guy they used to date and fuck, live up in the house with them and see other people. HEELLL NO. If someone breaks up with me or I break up with them and we're living together, all their stuff is going to be out and I'm changing the locks. I'm just not about this life. Why in the world are two people who used to date, living together, then...get mad at me and each other when they're both on scruff/Grindr...because somehow I both chatted or met them?

    That's so stupid. And that's exactly what happened. I'll be the first to admit, Grindr and scruff may be used to hookup, but it can also be used just to chit chat, check out the scene, and see who's out there. That's just how it is. And it's not cheating if you know met someone once or twice, and somehow the roommate/ex boyfriend finds out they are talking to the same guy.

    So why did the roommate of the guy I met up with twice, snooping around and telling him he knows me, even though we never met in person, and just chatted/flirted innocuously on phone? Then, the roommate gets mad at me and Tries to call me out? I was like bitch, ain't nobody told you to be snooping around and sticking your goddam nose in your roommates business. AND, why the fuck are you mad if y'all are just roommates? Can't be mad at me because we've never met. I've met your roommate, you haven't met me. So be mad at your ex man, not me. Because I ain't got shit to do with it.

    I'm just so over it. Next time a guy says they have a roommate, especially an interracial situation as that's ALWAYS a hint that they dated before UNLESS they're straight or female...Im not fucking with this bullshit no more. 2 guys living together, who are not together is real whack. I'm not being pulled into anyone else's fucked up love triangle/ex bullcrap. Done, Finito.
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    Oct 22, 2015 10:53 AM GMT
    Oh my god...... your life seems extremely dramatic!

    Do you find it exciting?

    Not as exciting as i find following your dramatic life online here.

    You should sell this to TV as a series.

    Seriously, life and your experience of it is generaly a reflection of yourself.

    Drama meets drama..... and if not just make a drama from nothing.

    Cant wait for part 3.
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    Oct 22, 2015 10:39 PM GMT
    transient saidNot as exciting as i find following your dramatic life online here.

    See how easily entertained you can be when you live with goats?

    (That was tongue in cheek; i.e., just kidding.)