Um, our community cant even get a civil rights movie done without the militant tranny's stampeding their way into ruining it, starting fights, protesting or rioting. Just remember, ""WorldPride"" DOES NOT MEAN a celebration of world tranny/drag queen day.

But I am sure, in usual fashion, even four years from now, the tranny's and their drag queen counterparts will be all up in arms with the organizers of WorldPride 50 just because the "T" is missing from the title of this American event icon_rolleyes.gif

This week, the producers of New York City’s legendary LGBT pride parade announced that the birthplace of the legendary Stonewall uprising has been chosen to host WorldPride in 2019.

“The Stonewall Uprising is considered the most significant event that ignited the modern LGBT rights movement, so it makes perfect sense to bring WorldPride to the birthplace of pride in 2019,” NYC Pride’s David Schneider said in a press release.