Berkeley, the Last Standing People's Republic (almost)

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    Oct 22, 2015 7:11 PM GMT
    I own a house in the Peoples' Republic of Berkeley. A few years ago, California voters adopted the famous "proposition 13," which was supposed to limit property taxes, and severely limit annual tax increases, and to stop elderly citizens from losing their homes for taxes. However, the Commissars of Berkeley quickly figured out how to avoid these limits, and how to keep raising taxes. Berkeley created numerous "special districts," which could all impose their own fees and taxes. That way the Commissars could use tax money from these special districts to pay for ordinary city services that used to be paid for out of normal property taxes, and use the excess to pay themselves outrageous salaries with outrageously large pensions. (The best paying job in California government is to be a Berkeley city employee. You even get off Malcolm X Day as a holiday, and typically get a $300,000 gift if you retire after 30 years.)

    So the upshot is, the property tax bill I just received shows 23 special taxes and fees in addition to the property tax. The total of those special taxes equals 90% of the normal property tax. And the poobahs have the gall to complain that housing is not affordable in Berkeley.
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    Oct 22, 2015 10:29 PM GMT
    Very funny. I own my house in Concord and worked at Cal. My coworkers who owned their houses in Berkeley would look down their noses at anyone who wasn't "privileged" like them and lived in some other city. If I won the lottery and could live wherever I wanted it would be in San Francisco, not Berkeley.