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    Oct 23, 2015 5:48 AM GMT

    Wasn't sure to place this in Science or Stupid so I just dropped it here.

    And not that the idea is necessarily stupid (as if) but certainly the need for the idea is stupid. So here's my (first) nomination for the category of All Things Stupid:

    Phone Lanes for Texting Pedestrians
    The lanes were marked onto a busy Washington DC sidewalk as part of National Geographic's new Mind Over Masses series
    Getting stuck behind - or worse, crashing into - a slow-strolling pedestrian who is engrossed in their cellphone is one of the great frustrations of navigating any metropolis in a hurry.

    With that in mind, National Geographic has introduced separate lanes for cellphone and non-cellphone using pedestrians, at a busy block on Washington DC's 18th Street.

    (Besides how it beautifies the sidewalk, I love especially that they painted the cell phone lanes alongside the storefronts where likely doors swing onto the sidewalk. What could possibly go wrong with that?)
    Chinese city opens 'phone lane' for texting pedestrians

    City authorities in Chongqing have introduced a 30 metre ‘cellphone lane’ for pedestrians – is it a step too far in the name of public safety?
    How will people so distracted by their phones that they are bumping into lampposts manage to stay within the lines of the lane?
    Antwerp introduces 'text walking lanes' for pedestrians using mobile phones

    Smartphone addicts in Belgian city are given special “text walking lanes” so they won’t bump into other pedestrians while texting on the trot
    Negotiating the corners is likely to remain challenging for people whose eyes are glued to their phone screens.
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    Oct 23, 2015 6:45 AM GMT
    Well at first I didn't know what I was looking at, so I googled some more and found it in different countries so I guess it's a real thing. I thought it so stupid I had to make a whole new category for it. It's sort of Science/Tech but too stupid for that forum. So I just made it all things stupid thread.

    But look at this. See, here's another...
    Pedestrian ‘Texting Lane’ Comes to Utah Valley University

    Could just be an awareness thang. Hey world, wake up and notice the people around you instead of keeping your face in a phone. Or maybe in very busy areas it might become a real thing. I have no idea. I think I can see it having some helpful purpose but I'm pretty sure I don't like what it represents.