Attack in School, Sweden

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    Oct 23, 2015 4:15 PM GMT

    I don't think anyone has missed the fact that right-wing-parties are on the rise throughout Europe, and even though Sweden has made it through pretty unscathed, this has been the most serious result of it. Earlier this year, we've also had 10 arsons that burned up housings that were meant to host refugees and a nazi was discovered to have saved up to 550 kg of explosives.

    This was a school that had a lot of immigrant kids. One student and a teacher's aid died. The teacher's aid tried fighting the assailant but was cut and his life couldn't be saved. Needless to say, this can't really compare to the amount of victims you usually have in America, but I kind of have to poke at the gun-control in Sweden.

    Since the event, some right-wingers have come in support of the assailant, starting facebook-groups like "Anton Lundin just defended his country".
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    Oct 23, 2015 4:45 PM GMT
    interesting post but in the states you get no respect unless you have shot > 9 citizens.