After having awarded heroism medals to 2 Deputies who shot an innocent Black man, the Sheriff now says he didn't know what he was doing, and it was wrong to give them the medals.


I met this Sheriff personally a few times, the first when he had a booth at a Gay Pride Fest, promoting his election candidacy. A nice outreach gesture, and I spent some time talking with him. His 16-year-old son was also there with him, and I shook his hand to congratulate him for supporting his Dad at a gay event.

But I never thought he'd win the Sheriff's election. The incumbent was our friend, been to dinners and functions with him many times. Although a Republican, he was the most gay-friendly Republican I've ever known. He used to provide our HIV/AIDS SMART Ride a portable stage for our ride-out, even though we departed from a different county. And then he had helicopter fly-overs for us. And we knew he wouldn't tolerate any anti-LGBT behavior by his officers.

Lovely guy. And I say again a Republican, for whom I voted.

That's right, let's put it in caps: I VOTED FOR A REPUBLICAN.

Just in case you think I have a Liberal mind cramp about voting. The best qualified still gets my vote, regardless of party. Except maybe for legislatures, where the majority makes the decisions. For those I vote Democrat.

Anyway, our Republican guy lost, and the current Sheriff was a surprise victor. The winner used all kinds of typical false smear tactics. That were later, after the election of course, proven wrong. What ever happened to the news media that did investigative reporting, instead of just passing along self-serving press releases?

But if enough of these embarrassing errors from the incumbent continue, and there's been a slew already, I'm gonna urge his predecessor to run against him again. Republican or not, he was a better friend to the gay community, and I think better at doing the job.