Taking me a while to cum after sex...

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    Oct 26, 2015 4:32 AM GMT
    So whenever I have sex with someone, it'll always take me some time to cum. After fucking, getting fucked, or even just messing around like sucking and jerking together...I will always be the last one to cum. The guy I'm with, will always cum pretty quickly after we're done. And I'll have to jerk off for about 15-20 minutes after to finally cum. I kinda feel embarrassed cause the guy will be waiting for me to cum (especially if they want to swallow or cum on them).

    I don't know why it takes me a long time to cum after sex? I always cum quickly after jerking off alone to porn or just to my imagination.

    I'm wondering if other guys are like me and is this normal?
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    Oct 26, 2015 4:41 AM GMT
    Dude...I was just like you! Tell me, how many times do you masturbate a week? Do you grip your dick really hard? Do you use a lubricant while jacking?

    If you jerk it hard, you'll lose sensitivity. Also known as death grip. So maybe cut back on hard gripping. Using lube to jerk it will make you regain sensitivity because it doesn't choke your cock to death. Let that thing breathe.

    Next, watching porn and the real thing is really different. Porn gives you a fake expectation of sex and might make sex not as good. In can also make you be only able to cum from it because you're so used to it. Try to cut back on porn and maybe even eliminate it.

    Finally if you do it more than three times a week you'll be desensitized. Try to hold off for a week before engaging in sex to regain some sensitivity. It's best to try and not cum for as long as you can. So when you do it with a partner it will feel fucking amazing.

    Used to masturbate three times a day every day. Now I barely do it once every two weeks.
  • 6packabs

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    Oct 26, 2015 5:23 AM GMT
    This is most guys dream, to be able to have that long of stamina.

    Don't be so anxious to cum. You save a ton of nutrients and energy of you don't cum. Taoists work hard to ensure they don't lose ejaculatory fluid, which ages them faster. So I wouldn't worry about it.

    And "after sex" means what? You've not had full sex if you've not ejaculated, right? The other guy ejaculated, he's the one lacking stamina to keep at sex until sex is done (which means you've had your orgasm as well.

    My first time at a bathhouse was about 4 years ago. I fucked like a porn star and was treated like one. I wanted to fuck and fuck hot guys, and did so to big audiences of men gathered around "Please fuck me, please fuck me, please save some for me."

    I would pound and pound guys, and worked hard mentally to not overstimulate my excitement levels and blow my load. I loved that I could pound a guy longer than he could take it, then I'd pull out, go shower (amid an audience) then fuck the next hottie that had appeal for me, and repeat. I worked and focused to avoid ejaculation, in order to keep going, guy after guy.