God at the Solar System Matrix COMMUNICATES WITH ME/US. Message Code: Transiting Moon Trine Natal Jupiter

Weak, transient effect: It is unfortunate that this influence is so brief, because it gives you such a pleasant sense of well-being.

Today during the day you feel very warm and friendly to the people around you, and you are willing to offer emotional or physical support to anyone who needs it. You are generous and giving.

People will warm to you, and you should get from others exactly what you give, that is, warmth and affection. You are likely to attract basically happy and positive people with whom you will have an enjoyable time.

This is not the result of a "Pollyanna" view of reality that refuses to recognize trouble and pain in the world, but of a real sense of belonging and oneness with others. In a very important sense you feel that helping others helps you.

On another level this influence indicates a concern with the general welfare.

This is the Word of God spoken to me through the matrix of the Solar System.
Thanks be to God.
Hallelujah, gawd humbles itself to speak with little ole me.
That just saves me--thank you Jesus, personification of salvation.