The super-agers

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    Nov 03, 2015 4:18 PM GMT
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    Nov 03, 2015 5:04 PM GMT

    Just about two weeks ago my brother and sister in law came by to take me to dinner and then two days ago my brother comments on the phone that during their visit they didn't notice any dementia in me yet lolol. How comforting! Most all my family was spared that fate and on both sides of my family there's well over 100 first and second cousins but AD did hit one line of my great grandparents so my brother and I watched our mother die of it but not her brother, our grandfather but not his brother and we know about grandpa's mother. So as we age, we get more worried about it and now it seems we're watching each other for it.

    It's like when we used to drive into the city and there'd be that demarcation line in the tunnel...

    Look--the internetz, gotta love it--there it is:


    ...and my brother and I would reach forward from the back seat to be the first into NY. Only now we're not climbing over mom to get there. No one wants to get there. Getting there, getting old sucks. I fucking hate it. Age gracefully? Fuck you no: I have no intention to age gracefully. I intend to fight and bitch and moan my whole way through it. Fuck this bullshit.

    You'll never know if you're a super-ager until you get there but if not as I have no children to protect me I've adopted two of my own and I've already named them: Smith & Wesson. /game